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Re: Perspective.....

Postby robeyre » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:32 pm

Whenever we win everyone praises the effort and determination displayed. When we lose it all disgrace, dont care about the club. This is pretty much the same players!
Is this because when they try they win and when they dont they lose?
I personal don't think even on Tuesday we can say we didnt try. It was a bad result we probably deserved to lose but had events unfolded differently (If we'd taken any of the early chances) we could well have come away with a comfortable win.
I was just as disappointed with Tuesday's result as all supporters but dont think this makes it right to accuse the players of not trying.
Weve not gelled yet and the constant tinkering isn't helping but I still feel everyone involved does care and will get it right in good time
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Reserve Team
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Re: Perspective.....

Postby EdwinstoweStag » Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:18 pm

I think we all agree that there's enough collective talent in the squad. What we've yet to witness is a "joined-up" performance for a full 90 minutes. Most of feel that players are not being used in the most effective positions and our midfield seems to be just the space between the defence and our over-tasked strikers for too much of the game.

Only one person can deal with these issues - Mr Evans.

So, come on Steve, stop ranting manically on the sidelines and get the lads playing for their badges.
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