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Stagsnet statistical preview Hartlepool

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Stagsnet statistical preview Hartlepool

Postby Sweden Stag » Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:49 pm

Last weekend saw the fifth Stags victory out of six possible in 2017 by winning comfortably at Barnet to a 2-0 scoreline, in fact the third victory on the road this year. This great run has seen the Stags climb dramatically up the table from lower mid-table up to the fringe of the playoffs. If the run continues, the Stags will soon be inside the playoff zone. Remains to be seen.

Our next opponents, Hartlepool United, sit in the bottom half of the table, having drawn on ten occasions, the latest one 1-1 at home to Yeovil last Saturday, and Hartlepool, whose boss Craig Hignett resigned one month ago and was replaced by Dave Jones, have yet to win back-to-back League Two games this season, but have scored 20 times on the road so far, more than any other side in the bottom half, but have had 28 away goals put past them, only surpassed by Crawley and Notts County, while the Stags have conceded just ten at home, the division’s joint best along with Wycombe Wanderers.

And if previous games between the sides over the years from 1932-33 onwards are something to go by, there will be goals this weekend as only two of the previous FL fixtures between the sides regardless of venue, have been goalless, and both at Victoria Park, the home venue for the entire Hartlepool FL history.

The first one was on October 27, 1984, and the second one was the most recent meeting between the sides up in north-east last September.

Some games between the sides are classics. Below is one:

On September 23, 2000, under Billy Dearden's first reign, Field Mill was centre-stage for one of the Stags' greatest comebacks of all time. The opponents were Hartlepool and with just about seven minutes remaining, the Stags found themselves 3-1 down after Chris Greenacre had put the Stags in front. Just before half-time, Sam Shilton (son of ex-England goalie Peter Shilton) equalized. In the second half, ex-Stag Tony Lormor (who often scored against the Stags) put Hartlepool in front, then Henderson increased the lead. Enter Michael Boulding, who was in his second Stags spell when we played Hartlepool in 2007. He clawed back the deficit, then Greenacre equalized. Just two minutes later, Corden hit the winner in front of 2135. But Tony Lormor scored twice for the Stags in their away victory to the tune of 2-1 on November 10, 1998.

Under the name of Hartlepools United, the north-easterners were on several occasions victims of Stags hat-trick heroes. But the worst one-man goal-blitz was, not unexpectedly, the one from Ted Harston on January 23, 1937, when he hit seven of the Stags' goals in the 8-2 victory in front of just 2696 at Field Mill. Any currently living Stags fan remembering this one? And in the 7-1 mauling at the same venue on October 29, 1949, TWO players scored hat-tricks. One was the then player-manager Freddie Steele, the other was Oscroft with two from the spot. More recently, Dungworth scored all three in a 3-0 win on March 14, 1983, one win which in a Swedish boulevard newspaper wasn't included in the league table for the Stags for a month, but the defeat was included in Hartlepool's records! That particular newspaper was ordered to correct the records! On October 22, 1983, Caldwell scored four in a 5-0 rout.

The biggest Stags away win at Hartlepool so far is a 4-0 on November 3, 1982 in front of just 1325 with Caldwell, the late Billy Ayre (who actually started his league career at Hartlepool), Nicholson and Woodhead with a penalty hitting the net. And the last Stags away victory against Hartlepools United before their name change was also the full-pointer with most goals scored as the Stags won 4-3 on May 13, 1963 in front of 2735. Roy Chapman scored twice, Sammy Chapman and Ken Wagstaff scored one apiece. And the Stags’ biggest away defeat at Hartlepool is to a 4-0 scoreline as well, and that happened on February 17, 1974, during the Stags’ barren away spell without a win between December 16, 1972 (4-0 at Crewe), to August 24, 1974 (1-0 at Scunthorpe).

The home game in the old third division on Boxing Day, 1968, was the one which was followed by the FA Cup Third round win over Sheffield United. One player, Nick Sharkey, who went on to score one of the goals in the famous victory over West Ham, played for Hartlepool a few seasons later and in the 1970-71 season was their top scorer with eight league goals. And the 2-0 on October 8, 1994 was the Stags' first league fixture after dumping then Premiership side Leeds out of the League Cup a few nights earlier. That 2-0 victory was also the last of six straight Stags Field Mill victories against the Pool without conceding a goal, scoreline 18-0.

The Stags have twice secured automatic promotion thanks to wins over Hartlepool at Field Mill. The first opportunity came on April 5, 1975, when Clark and the late Hodgson scored in the 2-0 victory in front of 8860. Eleven years later, Hartlepool at one time challenged strongly with the Stags for promotion. But at the time of the game on April 22, 1986, the north-easterners had faded out of the picture. But the Stags needed just a win to
clinch it. And they did it in style thanks to a 4-0 mauling due to two goals from Cassells, one from Chamberlain and an own-goal in front of 5545 on a Tuesday night. The six-year wait for the third level was finally over.

On four occasions (the first as Hartlepools United in 1967-68), Hartlepool have been promoted, and on three of those, the Stags finished in a relegation position. But when Hartlepool, the side built by the late Brian Clough were promoted for the first time ever in 1967-68, the Stags were saved from relegation due to the demotion of Peterborough. But in 1990-91 and 2002-03, the Stags were relegated and Hartlepool promoted.

Hartlepool's latest promotion was followed by their longest-ever spell above the basement, a spell which lasted six seasons. A player who was instrumental in Hartlepool's successful last decade, Ritchie Humphreys with over 250 consecutive league appearances at one stage, played against the Stags for Chesterfield three seasons ago.
And during Hartlepool’s latest League One spell, they played sides like Leicester, Southampton, Leeds and Norwich, while Hartlepool played the likes of WBA (even won there in 1992), Stoke and Birmingham in the early 1990’s.

And Hartlepools United were one of the founder members of the old division 3 in the 1920's as well as being a Division Four founder member in 1958, then more often than not having to seek re-election, including five in a row in the early 1960's before the arrival of a certain Brian Clough as manager.

Played for both sides: Billy Ayre, Richard Barker, Rakish Bingham, Stuart Boam, Ian Bowling, Alexander Brown, Lee Bullock, Michael Carter, Darrell Clarke, Paul Connor, Brian Cox, Jason Danskin, Fred Flanders, Gary Ford, John Gill, Paul Heckingbottom, Steven Istead, Jake Kean, Colin Larkin, William Linacre, David Linighan, Tony Lormor, Carl Muggleton, Keigan Parker, Anthony Parry, Martin Pemberton, Chris Perkins, Nialle Rodney, John Rowlands, Nick Sharkey, Nathan Thomas, Alan Waddle.

Out of the players mentioned above, Jake Kean kept Hartlepool goal on 19 League One occasions during the 2010-11 season on loan from Blackburn.

Stats file:

Home stats: P 42, W 32, D 3, L 7, GF 107, GA 38
Away stats: P 43, W 9, D 13, L 21, GF 51, GA 78

Season Home Date Away Date

1932-33 7-1 1933-05-06 3-6 1932-12-24 Div 3 (N)
1933-34 1-1 1933-08-26 1-3 1933-12-30 Div 3 (N)
1934-35 2-1 1935-03-09 1-1 1934-10-27 Div 3 (N)
1935-36 4-0 1935-12-26 1-4 1935-12-24 Div 3 (N)
1936-37 8-2 1937-01-23 0-3 1936-09-19 Div 3 (N)
1947-48 3-2 1948-02-14 0-1 1947-09-27 Div 3 (N)
1948-49 1-0 1949-04-16 1-1 1948-11-20 Div 3 (N)
1949-50 7-1 1949-10-29 3-1 1950-03-18 Div 3 (N)
1950-51 1-0 1951-03-10 1-1 1950-10-21 Div 3 (N)
1951-52 0-1 1951-12-26 0-2 1951-12-25 Div 3 (N)
1952-53 2-0 1953-02-28 0-2 1952-10-11 Div 3 (N)
1953-54 1-0 1954-04-03 1-3 1953-11-14 Div 3 (N)
1954-55 0-2 1954-11-27 2-1 1955-04-16 Div 3 (N)
1955-56 5-1 1955-12-31 2-4 1955-09-03 Div 3 (N)
1956-57 4-1 1957-04-23 1-2 1957-04-19 Div 3 (N)
1957-58 5-1 1957-12-14 0-2 1958-04-26 Div 3 (N)
1960-61 2-1 1960-12-26 2-3 1960-12-27 Div 4 (old)
1961-62 3-1 1961-12-02 1-0 1962-04-21 Div 4 (old)
1962-63 3-1 1963-03-23 4-3 1963-05-13 Div 4 (old)
1968-69 2-0 1968-12-26 1-1 1968-10-04 Div 3 (old)
1972-73 2-0 1972-12-23 1-1 1973-04-20 Div 4 (old)
1973-74 2-0 1973-10-13 0-4 1974-02-17 Div 4 (old)
1974-75 2-0 1975-04-05 1-2 1974-10-26 Div 4 (old)
1980-81 0-1 1981-03-16 1-0 1980-10-21 Div 4 (old)
1981-82 3-2 1982-01-16 0-3 1982-05-03 Div 4 (old)
1982-83 3-0 1983-03-14 4-0 1982-11-03 Div 4 (old)
1983-84 5-0 1983-10-22 1-4 1984-02-25 Div 4 (old)
1984-85 2-0 1985-03-02 0-0 1984-10-27 Div 4 (old)
1985-86 4-0 1986-04-22 1-1 1985-11-02 Div 4 (old)
1992-93 2-0 1993-02-16 1-0 1993-03-27 Div 2
1994-95 2-0 1994-10-08 2-3 1995-05-06 Div 3
1995-96 0-3 1995-12-23 1-1 1996-03-09 Div 3
1996-97 1-0 1997-03-31 2-2 1996-08-27 Div 3
1997-98 2-2 1998-04-18 2-2 1997-12-20 Div 3
1998-99 2-0 1999-04-24 2-1 1998-11-10 Div 3
1999-2000 2-3 1999-10-16 0-1 2000-04-22 Div 3
2000-01 4-3 2000-09-23 1-1 2001-02-24 Div 3
2001-02 3-0 2002-01-19 1-1 2001-08-11 Div 3
2006-07 0-1 2007-01-01 0-2 2006-09-12 League Two
2013-14 1-4 2013-10-05 4-2 2014-03-25 League Two
2014-15 1-1 2014-12-26 0-1 2015-03-21 League Two
2015-16 3-1 2015-11-21 1-2 2016-04-02 League Two
2016-17 (at Victoria Park) 0-0 2016-09-17 League Two

Cup games:

1935-36 2-3 1935-11-30 FA Cup 1st round at Field Mill
1953-54 1-1 1953-11-21 FA Cup 1st round at Victoria Ground
1953-54 0-3 1953-11-25 FA Cup 1st round replay at Field Mill

Games up to and including the 1962-63 season as Hartlepools United

Come on Mansfield!
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