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SPL Rules

PostPosted: Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:48 am
by part time pete
SPL Rules for the league competition

The idea of the competition is to predict the actual score and result of league matches that Stags play in.

Points are awarded for predicting the correct score or result. In addition bonus points are awarded for predicting the name of the goal scorers, the attendance and time of the first goal. However points are deducted for nominating incorrect goal scorers, not posting a prediction by the scheduled kick off time, posting within the hour before kick off time and posting the third same incorrect score on the bounce.

Normally each division starts with 25 players and we run two seasons per year. One season starting in August and one starting in January. However if a player fails to post by kick off time on three occasions on the bounce then that player is red carded and transferred to the bottom division but can continue playing. Also if a player attains a score of minus 15pts or more in one match then that player will also be red carded immediately and transferred to the bottom division.

At the end of each ‘season’ promotion and relegation takes place. Normally five players are promoted and five players are relegated. However if divisions finish with less than the full 25 players due to folk being red carded a reduced number of players will be relegated. No one who finishes 20th place or higher will be relegated.
If folk are red carded then the numbers in the remaining divisions will be made up to 25 by promoting extra players. However none of these extra players will be promoted to a division replacing a relegated player if they have scored fewer points than the relegated player they are replacing. If two players tie with the same number of points then the winner will be the player who has predicted the higher number of correct scores, if still level then the player who has predicted the greater number of correct scorers, if still level the player who has predicted the greater number of correct results and if still level the player who has gained most attendance bonus points and if still level the player who has gained the greater number of goal time bonus points.

The points are awarded as follows

10pts for predicting the exact score and result
5pts for predicting the result but not the score
2pts for predicting each correct goal scorer
Minus 1pt for predicting each incorrect goal scorer, however each incorrect goal scorer after six in one match attracts a deduction of 2pts per incorrect scorer
Minus 1pt for not predicting a goal scorer when the predicted score suggests a scorer should be predicted.
2pts for predicting the attendance, which is not more than 250 from the official attendance.
10pts for predicting the exact first goal time to the minute.
5pts for predicting the first goal no more than two minutes from the exact goal time
2pts for predicting the first goal no more than five minutes from the exact goal time
1pt for predicting the first goal no more than ten minutes from the exact goal time
Minus 4pts for not posting by scheduled kick off time
Nil points for posting within one hour of kick off, unless that prediction would have scored a minus total then that points scored will stand.
Minus 4pts for posting the third same incorrect score on the bounce. (i.e. Predicting an incorrect 2-1 Stags win for three consecutive matches)
Minus 4pts for posting the third incorrect 1-0 score line on the bounce even if it is a Stags win or lose.

Clarification Rules

Third same post penalties are for the last three completed league games only. Cup matches are totally independent and do not incur third same post penalties.
Postponed or abandoned matches are treated as void matches and any posts for these matches are carried forward to the re-scheduled match, however the prediction can be amended at any time up to one hour before the revised kick off.
Posts which contain wording such as 'Player A to score but if he doesn't play then Player B to score' are not allowed and the original scorer will be deemed to have been selected. Points will be only awarded for own goals if the player scoring the own goal is named.
When a team has more than one player with the same surname, in the selected 18 players to play in a match, and the spl player does not indicate a christian name when posting, then if one of the same named players scores then the spl player will only get one point instead of the two normally credited for a goal scorer. If more than two players have the same surname, then the the christian name of the scorer will have to be posted to gain any goalscorer points.
Goal times, scorers and attendance normally taken from national web sites (i.e. BBC etc) but where these are wrong other information will be taken into account.
Goal time bonus points only awarded if scored in same half as the prediction. Goals scored in added on time will be timed as say 45+2, so predictions of 36 minutes will not score any bonus points.
Predicting a 0-0 score line cannot qualify for first goal time bonus points.
If the correct game thread has not been started by the time you want to post then post in the holiday thread.
Amendments to posts are accepted; the latest edit/amendment will count as your prediction, so if your prediction is edited within one hour of kick off then the post will incur penalty points.
Friends and family are allowed to post on your behalf as long it is posted in the correct game thread or holiday thread if the correct thread isn’t started yet.

Additional rules for Cup Competition.

Normal points scoring applies as per league matches with the addition of bonus points if the match goes to a penalty shoot out. Your prediction is for the result at the end of extra time (if applicable). If you predict a draw then two bonus points are available if you correctly predict the penalty shoot out winners. However not predicting the penalty shoot out winners when predicting a draw results in the deduction of one bonus point if the game goes to penalties.

Anyone who does not post for a cup knockout match when they have been paired against someone will be eliminated from the competition.

Third same post penalties do not count for cup knockout matches.

If both players in a tie do not post then their place in the next round will go to the highest scoring loser in the other ties.

Normal points scoring system applies. In the event of both players gaining the same number of points the winner will be the player in this order who has either

a) predicted the correct score if still level then
b) predicted the correct result if still level then
c) predicted the greater number of scorers if still level then
d) gained the greater number of goal time bonus points and if still level then is nearest the attendance.

If still level the player posting/amending last will be eliminated.

Private posting will be allowed after the first round. Folk who want to post privately will need to pm myself with their prediction and post on the relevant thread that they have posted privately and within the time deadline for it to be a valid post. When the other player posts ( private or public) then I will post the private prediction(s) on the board for all to see. No amendments will be allowed once I have posted the private predictions on the board.

I will have the final decision in any appeals regarding the rules.

Re: SPL Rules

PostPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:47 pm
by part time pete
sonnyjimm wrote:

Why minus 4?
I posted my score at 6ish?

It doesn't appear on the thread.

What could have happened is that between starting to write your post and actually posting, if another poster actually posts on the thread, you have to scroll down and hit the submit button again.

If not your post will not appear.

Just a thought why your post didn't reach the thread.