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10th February 2003 11:05

Interview with Keith Haslam
on Stags World (recorded prior to the Wigan game)

In an excellent interview with Steve Fleming of Stags World, chairman Keith Haslam talked about Keith Curle and all things Stags related. Below we transcribe Haslam talking about Field Mill redevelopment.
Transcribed by Martin Shaw.

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Haslam on redevelopment:
Keith Haslam: “The Bishop Street stand's on hold at the moment. We looked at Bishop Street, at acquiring some of the houses. A lot of the residents were willing to look at selling, but there was a couple who really did not want to move. I can understand their position really. We can't build any larger than we've got at present in the way of a stand which is slightly frustrating.
But we've looked at what's in the West Stand, we want to get on finishing that before developing another stand. Once we've developed the West Stand, I think we're going to look at developing the two corners of the West Stand: the north of the West Stand and the south of the West Stand, so we get a nice feel at least on three sides. By that time the situation in Bishop Street might have changed. It's a bit frustrating but a lot of money's going to be invested into the West Stand and over 10,000 square feet will be developed, so hopefully will be a great benefit for the community.
We've spent £7million on the stadium, probably another £1million to go onto it with the kiting out of the West Stand.
We've been talking to SSA about providing a sports bar as a partnership. We're trying to look at it and see how it can be developed. That's an ongoing area. It's all about the management side of it. You know there's other demands through the week: over the year there's probably 10 to 20,000 school children coming through the club, on a daily basis, so there'll be high demands on the rooms, so it's just got to be managed in the right way.”


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