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20th January 2003 20:30

PRESS RELEASE 20 January 2003
Chesterfield FC

Chesterfield's Shayne Bradley has apologised to the players, staff and supporters of Chesterfield FC for his actions which led to his sending off in the local derby against Mansfield Town. He has also sent a personal letter of apology to Mansfield Town's Rhys Day following the spitting incident during Saturday's match.

Chesterfield's assistant manager Lee Richardson said: "He was provoked to the extreme but Shayne reacted in the worst possible way. He has now apologised to all concerned. Disciplinary action will be taken internally by the club."

Lee Richardson added: "We have no regrets in putting Shayne on the pitch, but we do regret what then happened. The best way to react to provocation is to put the ball into the back of the net and he needs to learn from this incident”

Under the laws of the game it is expected that Shayne Bradley will be suspended in due course for three games.
Dave Rushbury:
On the Bradley Sending Off: "I'm going to wait for the referee's report. There was hustle and bustle and apparently Shayne spat in a guy's face. If he has done that it will cost him because it has cost the club. That's all I'm saying about it."
On the defeat: "It's difficult to reflect on the defeat at this moment in time because I think we have been mugged. Some bizarre decisions I wont go through them all. Crucial turning points in the game. The first penalty should have been a penalty Robbie Edwards was in the box, gave a free kick outside the box and it should have been a penalty it was handball the second one he gave. Second incident Glynn Hurst didn't get the ball in the net for us. Another crucial incident was when Tommy Curtis followed through on Alan O'Hare and left him sprawled . 2nd bookable offence whether he was reckless or whether he meant it or whether he didn't. There a certain rule within the book that says recklessness is a bookable offence and he was and should have gone. Then there was the Shayne Bradley incident so from that point on I thought decisions went against us, I though the ref even for the freekick to put the ball in the box for the final kick of the game wasn't a freekick in there favour. That's all I 'm going to say on the referee.
I thought we were fairly comfortable they knocked a long ball early they tried to put us under pressure and put the ball over the top and keep the ball out of there own half. That's one way of defending to keep the ball out of your own half. When I really mattered I didn't think we pushed on and that's why I made the substitutions but I never got the chance to find out what was going on. I wanted extra legs in a wide position and more enthusiasm upfront . But it worked against us to day."
What's Shayne Bradleys had to say ?: "First of all I can't repeat what he said he did make a comment that the Mansfield player was doing something behind his back and I won't tell anybody what that was.
Shayne said he turned round and he literally got the spit out of his mouth and the Linesman thinks id spat the Mansfield players face . If that's his story and the video evidence backs it up that's fine. If it doesn't then we will look at it another way.
I feel sorry for our fans we battled away with even with ten men and didn't get the goals we should have got. It's a local derby and the form books gone out of the window. We are disappointed but we will lift ourselves and go again."


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