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28th December 2012 22:14

Liverpool match sold out
mansfieldtown.net, 11:05 20th December 2012


Tickets have now sold out for our eagerly awaited FA Cup Third Round tie at home to Liverpool.

Tickets sold out just one hour after being on general sale at 10am this morning. Just over 6,000 Stags' fans have purchased tickets, whilst Liverpool have been given 1,400V


Video: Mansfield Town v Liverpool sells out as fans wait in the rain

Thousands of Stags fans braved torrential rain to buy tickets for Mansfield Town's FA Cup clash with Liverpool.

The remaining 1,000 tickets sold out this morning and interest was high as fans queued round three sides of Field Mill.

Tickets went quickly leaving thousands of wet Stags fans disappointed.

Hardened supporters had to endure hours of wind and rain to be sure that they got their ticket.

Supporters at the front of the queue set up camp and waited 13 hours before the ticket office opened at 10am.

Dave Williamson, 46, who lives in Holkham Close, Arnold, waited throughout the night and was the first to buy a ticket.

He said:"It feels great to finally get my ticket especially after waiting since 10 o'clock last night.

"It was well worth the wait though because more than half of the people who are queuing not get a ticket.

"The banter in the queue has also been great, we've cracking jokes and people have been nipping of to McDonald's on the tea run but I'm ready to go home because I'm wet through."

The ringing wet queue cheered with relief when the ticket office windows finally opened but were only left to wait a little longer when the credit card system crashed.

This was only a minor glitch as fans held their place in the queue whilst they found the nearest cash machine.

Field Mill will be full to capacity after selling 7,400 tickets with 1,500 of those allocated for travelling Liverpool fans.

Mansfield made the third round draw of the FA Cup after beating Lincoln in the second round reply.

The Stags faithful are hoping for a giant killing or a draw that will see them take on Liverpool in a lucrative reply at Anfield.

Kev Street, 40, lives in Meadow Avenue, Mansfield, and he said his family's loyalties are divided as his son follows Liverpool but they'll sit together during the match.

He added: "This tie is special because it's something that'll never happen again, there are more people queuing here than we get at some of our home games.

"The support that we've shown down here just goes to shows the type of atmosphere the fans will create on match day. It will be amazing."


Fans advised not to join the queue
mansfieldtown.net, 10:15 20th December 2012


We would like to strongly advise supporters to now not come to One Call Stadium in order to queue for tickets for our FA Cup with Budweiser Third Round game against Liverpool.

We confirmed yesterday that approximately 1,000 tickets would be available for general sale today, and when our ticket office opened for business at 10.00am this morning, the queue stretched from the ticket office windows in the South Stand to the retail park behind the North Stand.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that sufficient tickets will remain for anyone who now joins the queue


Stadium capacity increased
mansfieldtown.net, 18th December 2012 15:00

Capacity at One Call Stadium has now increased to 7,888, we are pleased to announce.


The decision was reached by council safety officials following a meeting this morning.

The announcement comes in advance of one of the biggest games in the club's history as the Stags play host to Liverpool in the FA Cup Third Round on 06 January 2013 (4pm). The match is an all ticket affair with allocated seating.

A club spokesman said: "Despite not being granted full capacity, the club has had to implement certain measures as a consequence of the pitch invasion following the team's win against Lincoln City in the last round.

"Whilst we understand that our supporters want to celebrate success, encroaching onto the playing area is a criminal offence. We strongly urge our fans to stay off the pitch at all times, as this will ensure that all supporters can enjoy the match in safety and prevent the club from facing possible disciplinary action."

Tickets for the above match will go on general sale this Thursday


Post on Stagsnet from Darren Shaw, Supporter Director, Stags Fans United
Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:07 pm

Good news. The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) have agreed to increasing the S Factor to 0.9 for the Liverpool FA Cup game only. However, some seats will have to remain empty as part of the club's safety plan and so the maximum number of tickets to be sold for the Liverpool game will be 7,888 including the 1,400 Liverpool tickets. SAG have also given the club the go ahead for some additional corporate hospitality.

SAG will be monitoring the Liverpool game and so it will help the club to increase the capacity for the home game against Man Utd in the next round if as many fans as possible remain seated and do not run on the pitch at the end of the game. It is also important to remain seated to be considerate to elderly and young fans who may not be able to see the game if fans stand up in front of them.

Gates should be open 90 minutes before kick off and so fans should arrive as early as possible to take up their seats and to watch Gerard, Suarez, Reina and Co warming up.

Well done to Paul, Tina, Carolyn and Alan for all their hard work to date.

Come On You Stags!


EARLIER POST on Stagsnet from Darren Shaw, Supporter Director, Stags Fans United
Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:45 am

The club's dealings with the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) have been well documented on Stagsnet and on other posts.

A quick history is as follows:

August 2011 – Field Mill passes SAG audit and has a S Factor of 1 (100% capacity) which was around 9,000. The General Safety Certificate Holders were Andy Saunders and Darren Bland.

September 2011 - The club issued with a 'Warning' notice following the game against Kidderminster Harriers due to a technical breach of the General Safety Certificate. The club agreed to reduce the S Factor to 0.9 (90% capacity) to avoid formal enforcement action.

December 2011 – Andy Saunders and Darren Bland resign as General Safety Certificate Holders. They are replaced by Carolyn.

May 2012 – Carolyn is arrested at York Play Off game and an Emergency SAG Meeting is held.

May 2012 - The club breach safety certificate at York play off game by not obtaining County Council's approval for temporary structure for TV cameras near Bishop Street.

July 2012 – Paul and Tina Broughton are appointed as Joint Chief Operations Officers and are added to the General Safety Certificate.

July 2012 - SAG decide to reduce S Factor to 0.75 following the annual audit mainly due to the club not obtaining the County Council's approval for the temporary structure for TV cameras near Bishop Street. SAG were also concerned that Carolyn would be away for a few months due to her wedding and Paul and Tina were new to managing safety at a sports ground.

December 2012 – There was a SAG meeting yesterday. SAG were pleased with the steps that Paul, Tina and Carolyn had taken to improve safety at Field Mill since July. The club have asked to increase the S Factor to 0.9 (90% capacity). SAG will make a decision in the next few days.

In July 2012 the official capacity of Field Mill with a S Factor of 1 was 9,096 which was reduced to 6,823 after applying the S Factor of 0.75.

Liverpool fans will be given 1,400 tickets which includes disabled seating and complimentary tickets required under FA rules.

A big thank you also goes to Alan Lakin who is the club's Safety Officer and who puts together most of the paperwork that is requested by SAG.



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