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Archived News from November 2002

30th November 2002 17:47

Stuart Watkiss interview after the game:
I'm massively disaapointed over the way we've played. We let ourselves down. We were second best in most areas and Port Vale thoroughly deserved their victory. Overall it was a very poor performance today after some good performances in recent weeks. We were out-tackled, out-battled, out-fought. We played with a back 3 in the first half and then a back 4 in the second half and it didn't seem to make any difference.
I can't get many positives out of the game. Iyseden had a good finish for the second goal. But two goals ought to be enough to get a point out of the game.
We've defended nowhere near good enough but we've also played no where near good enough. We proved yet again our inadequences at defending. I'm throughly embarrased by our goals aginst column.

It breaks my heart when I hear the fans calling for my head. It's the worst feeling in the world. But I'm not sure it hurts the players enough. I've told the players what I thought of them in the changing room. I think there's a lot of players who should be holding their hands up today. I just wish that some of those players would have to come out and face you fella's (the press) like I'm doing.
You have to question our ability off the ball, though not on the ball. Our players know what they should be doing, but they're not doing it under pressure.
Clarkie's had one of his poorer games today, but he's played well up till today.
I took Rhys off but it's no detriment to him. I wanted Bobby on the right and Jamie on the left. It seemed the obvious solution to leave Matt and Mark in the middle.
I can't envisage playing 3 across the back at Crewe next week, but we need to see what players we have available.
There's no reports of any injuries apart from Colin Little who has pulled his hamstring.
I don't know if there's any money for more players - you'll have to ask to the chairman that. For the moment I'll just have to work with what I've got.
I'm trying to come up with the solution, it's keeping me awake at night, but basically it's nowhere near good enough today.

Transcribed by Martin Shaw
from CHAD:
I won't quit, pledges defiant Watkiss

DEFIANT Stags boss Stuart Watkiss again pledged his future to the bottom of the table club and vowed not to walk away from their relegation battle, after their 4-2 capitulation at Port Vale this afternoon.

And despite hearing some Stags fans calling for his head, he added that he was doing the best job he could with the resources available to him.

"We have scored two goals away from home and if we go about our business correctly we get something from the game," said Watkiss.

"But our defending was very poor again.

"We played three up front to stop their back four getting out but they didn't do that.

"Our midfield didn't get near their midfield and our defenders didn't handle their three forwards very well.

"Vale outbattled us and outfought us and deserved their victory.

"It breaks my heart as Mansfield manager to hear fans calling for my head - it's the worst feeling in the world.

"But I have never quit on anything in my life. I had a go at my players today for giving up. If I walked away from this then I would be doing exactly the same.

"But at the end of the day it is not up to me. I am doing the best job I can here on the resources I have available."


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