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29th May 2012 11:07

Stags Fans United are very sad that Andy Saunders, Steve Hymas, Steve Middleton and Darren Bland have resigned as directors and would like to thank them for all their hard work for the football club. Mansfield Town would not have survived without the significant loans made to the football club by Andy Saunders and Steve Hymas in the same way that we are now relying upon John Radford to finance the club. However, this dispute is essentially a private and confidential matter for the directors concerned. Stags Fans United would like to see all parties resolve their differences and agree a way forward in the best interests of the football club.

The season ticket issue for U11s-16s has been brought to John Radford's attention and he has promised to review it. He has also promised to publish the accounts as soon as possible. He was originally planning to do this in October but they have been delayed due to a proposed change of auditors. No members have complained to Stags Fans United about any other issues relating to the running of the club. If any members have any other valid issues then Stags Fans United are happy to raise them with John and Carolyn. Please feel free to pm, email or phone Darren Shaw, the SFU representative on the board of MTFC or contact any other SFU board member. Details are on the SFU website.

For clarification, the SFU director is accountable to the SFU Board which includes representatives of the SSA, OSSC, Pleasley Stags and Vice-Presidents. We therefore represent the views of our members and the main supporters' groups. Any fan can join Stags Fans United by a one off payment of £100 or by paying £5 per month. Alternatively, you can make your views known to the individual supporters groups.

We are all Amber and Blue.

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