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ADAM MURRAY BLOG: Pure emptiness
14th May 2012 12:19

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Adam Murray sums up the play-offs and the season, and looks forward to next season



ADAM MURRAY BLOG: Pure emptiness
mansfieldtown.net, Wed 09 May 2012

Totally devastated! Physically and emotionally drained.I know you feel the same and I'm really sorry we couldn't finish off the job for you. In the end we just didn't have that killer touch.


I am writing this on Tuesday night and I still can't get my head round it. We put the ball in their box so many times but just couldn't find that edge. I understand we have made massive strides this season, we really have, but winning and moving forward is what counts.

I know it's very harsh but nobody remembers the 'nearly guys', nobody forgets winners. I could sit here and say we have all been winners this season but I'd be talking rubbish. Winners achieve and as a group we have to make sure we learn from this season and move forward. I for one cannot feel like I do right now again - pure emptiness.

This is what I mean when I say it's more than a game and if it isn't more than a game to you then look in the mirror. There were boys out there yesterday who gave it their all. I feel for them. We have a good bunch: some young boys who have not experienced occasions like that which will be a great lesson for them if they take it on board.

On a personal note, I've been so proud to lead them this season. I know that's a bit soppy but I don't care. We have pulled together for one another from the gaffer all the way through the squad and it's been about 'we' and not 'me'. The power of 'WE' is something you can't put a price on and anyone that will have the pleasure of joining our group has to buy into that.

The important thing and in my eyes the hardest thing, is to raise the bar again. It's easy to sit and feel sorry for ourselves now. I've done it for the last 24 hours but that's it, it's done. I want next season now. I want to be a champion and that has to be our frame of mind. We move on, we move forward and we do better.

Taking the score out of the equation, the atmosphere was great and once again, thank you

It's been a while since our home has been like that and when it rocks like that there's no better place.

If I'm honest I cant remember the game - I was zoned out. I remember Mr Rhodes trying to interview me but I 'had gone'. I couldn't even speak. I remember thinking 'if one more person says 'unlucky' then Jackie Chan is coming out'. I know people try to be nice but 'unlucky'. . . grrrr. It's not unlucky. Unlucky is treading in dog poo - it's not throwing your heart and soul in to something and not getting the outcome you wanted. This is just called not being good enough on the day.

Anyway, game aside, we have come a long way this season and it's important we take this belief into next season.

I am not a fan of this part of the year - end of season bores me. . . waking up an thinking 'ok erm what do I do now?' I love being busy so if anyone has a job, let me know. I've got my coaching badges to do which will take up a few weeks, so there's something to look forward to. Then it's operation time. I can't wait to get this fixed. How it's lasted I don't know. I owe Ian (Pearce) and the Doc a big thank you for pulling me through. After 10 injections, 100s of strap-ins, and 4 million tablets, it held out.

We now have the End of Season Dinner on Friday which will be great and then Rhys Day's game on Saturday. Again, I urge you all to come and say a big thank you and good bye to the Dragon. He's a great guy and deserves your support.

Right guys I'm going to leave you for this season. I've really enjoyed interacting with you and it's been a good journey. Hopefully next time it will be a great journey.

Thank you for everything and I look forward to seeing you all next season.

Remember to get your season tickets ASAP when they come out because next season is ours!!!!!!




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