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6th March 2012 11:29

twitter.com/matthalfpenny @mansfieldtownfc skipper @admuz faces spell on sidelines tinyurl.com/797jjlg

twitter.com/admuz (Adam Murray) @matthalfpenny @mansfieldtownfc not if I can help it young man !!!


BLOG: Belief is the key
mansfieldtown.net, Mon 27 Feb 2012

Make the most of the good times!!!


Do we get the most out of three points and what it means? Us as players and you as fans need to make sure we celebrate and enjoy THREE points because this is what it's all about .We work hard all week and you guys look forward to match day for one reason: THREE points.

When we lose, all of us are guilty of getting down and we make it out like the world's about to end, but when we do what we all want we just kind of except that we've won and it's no big deal.

After the game on Saturday, obviously the boys were happy with the result but it wasn't rocking like I think it should have been. Until the next game, let's make the most of it. We have high standards and expectations at this place but let's not lose sight of what winning means and is about. Now don't get me wrong, we have achieved nothing yet and I'm not saying we should get carried away. But there are enough down days in football so when the good days come we need to relish them .

After the last time we spoke we have picked up two great results. Performances haven't been great and not very pretty on the eye but it's not about pleasing people now it's about winning and doing what ever it takes to win. We are a hard working, physical and direct side and sometimes that can come across as ugly but if everybody does what has been asked of them then it's effective as shown. Everybody has an opinion of how the game should be played. It's making that opinion effective which matters.

Saturday was a frustrating time for me personally even though I was running my backside off doing the horrible parts. I couldn't get in to the game and then I went over on my ankle again twice in four minutes. It's a real learning curve for me this season and it's really highlighted to me the importance of everybody putting there little bit in to make the bigger picture work .It's not about Adam Murray getting on the ball and spraying it around everywhere or Matt Green shooting from 50 yards into the top corner. It's about us pulling together to achieve a greater goal. Greeny might have to make 30 runs for Ross [Dyer] to score the winner - that's what this team is about, not individuals. We have a great team spirit and mentality here and that has been one of the common denominators in my previous promotions. A will and desire to scrap for that extra yard for your mate next to you is something you can't buy.

I woke up Sunday with an ankle the size of Ross Dyer's head and it took me an hour to get my socks on... not good. A day of ice though and Monday morning has seen a reduction in size which is good.

I'm in very good hands with Ian, the physio. He's he's top drawer and told me exactly what I have done. It's the schsshddcbghevycgeg ligament and the hcxbwdcvhgdvfchg ligament. That's how it sounded to me anyway. I trust his judgement which is the main thing .I don't want to miss any time if I can help it - but I wont put myself forward if I feel I'm letting people down because I'm not fit enough.

Two recent wins have put us in a great positionand I'm kind of excited if I'm honest. Watching the Carling Cup final yesterday at Wembley made me want to head back there again. The ball is in our court and we have everything to play for .

Looking ahead to March and it's a joke. We are going to be extra busy with eight games.

Credit to you guys because travelling and everything else is not cheap, I know.

We need to keep winning anyway because if I get another look off Paul Nyland after we have lost like I did last Monday, then the Stags Supporters' Association are going to have to fund him a personal bodyguard

I'll take this chance to welcome 'X' (Exodus Geohaghon). A great addition to our squad and will add some steel and one hell of a rocket throw.... WOW. It's a great tool and if it's effective we have to use it.

This season has gone so quick don't you think? It only seems like two minutes since pre season and I was running around carrying a log on my shoulder. Time is flying and now we are in to the business end of the season. The league is ridiculously tight this season and there will be some big twists and turns yet. The standard of the conference is now fantastic and surely it should be made into League Three of the Football League? Now, a lot of teams in the conference could more than handle League Two.

Our next game is another tough one against Lincoln and like I've said before it's all about results now... whatever it takes. Keep believing guys. BELIEF is key. There will, no doubt, be more ups and downs, but stick with us!

Right I'm off to a fans forum. Catch you later!


Murray injury blow for Stags
Nottingham Post, by Matt Halfpenny, Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CAPTAIN Adam Murray is set to miss a vital part of Mansfield Town's 2011-12 run-in with an ankle injury.


The central midfielder has been a virtual ever-present in the Stags side this season, missing only one game at Bath City in November when he served a one-match ban for five bookings.

Murray, who extended his contract with the club until the end of next season earlier in the campaign, aggravated an old problem in the 2-1 win against Tamworth on Saturday.

Mansfield boss Paul Cox estimates he could miss 'ten days to two weeks', during which time the club have key games in their push to make the Blue Square Bet Premier play-offs.

Alongside January signing Gary Roberts, Murray has ensured the Stags have lost just once in nine games since Christmas.

"It has come at just the wrong time of the season because he has been a fabulous player for us," said Cox.

"But you have to deal with it and this is why we have built up a squad – there are bodies to come in.

"People like Hutchinson, Worthington, Stevenson and Howell will all be desperate to get back into the side, so we are not short on cover."

Mansfield are hoping to arrange a friendly game tonight in which Sam Craven and Matt Bell could figure after returning following injury



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