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15th November 2002 15:11

While many Stags supporters will be up with the lark to get down to Bath for tomorrow's noon kick-off, spare a thought for two fans who will be rising even earlier.

In fact, one of them isn't going to bother going to bed, because, when Stags line up to play Team Bath, it will be 4am where he is.

As well as receiving coverage from Sky Sports, the match is going to be shown live in America on the sister station Fox Sports World, which means Mansfield fanatics Stuart Gregory from Orange County, California and Darren Wilson of Pensacola, Florida, will be able to see all the action.

Stuart, who moved to Orange County, which is about 40 miles south of Los Angeles, from Sutton-in-Ashfield ten years ago, has not seen a Stags match for five years but still keeps up to date with events at Field Mill through the Internet.

He said: "I'm going to be watching it at home and will probably invite a few mates round to have a party back at my house.

"The Internet is a godsend and I still get sent the odd programme and tapes of radio shows but there are still plenty of people to talk to about football.

"There is an expat pub called the British and Dominion and they always have football on in there.

"The problem is most of the games start at around 7am, people have a beer with their breakfast and then they all wobble out at 3pm.

"Usually, I'm up on a Saturday at about 6.30am for the commentary and it works well because, by the time the game is finished, you can look forward to the rest of your day."

One person who will not be joining him is his American wife Liz.

He said: "She just thinks I'm mad."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the States, Darren Wilson, his wife Alison and his children Emily and Alex will be up at 5.30 ready for the game.

They are even planning a bucks fizz breakfast to celebrate the special occasion.

Darren, who last visited Field Mill 18 months ago, is currently on an assignment as part of his job in the Royal Navy.

He said: "The Internet really is a lifesaver and I'm really looking forward to being able to see the game.

"I think we are going to murder them and, in the whole scheme of things, I think the team is heading in the right direction."

Source: Evening Post


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