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3rd February 2011 0:32

Notes from the Fans Forum, by Pete Wright

Thursday 27th January 2011

When will we filing our claim against KH? No need now that KH is taking us to court on 17th FEB, we will be using our claim in our defence. KH having to pay initial court costs not us for our day in court. We have until 4th Feb to put our defence case together. Ground rent with KH's solicitor but KH can't touch it.

Are we safe with the Conference authorities? Conference waiting until court case heard, but we are getting on well with Conference authorities. KH phoning up Conference daily as he is wanting us to be chucked out of league so he can sell land without a football club as a tenant, but now conference sympathetic to our cause.

How long will court case last? Most probably be adjourned and could take at least 12 months to sort. No public gallery at court on 17th Feb but fans can peacefully protest outside in street to show their support of the club. KH's presence not necessary but he could attend.

Will the Mayor be appearing as an independent witness on 17th Feb? Not needed yet.

Is there a Plan B? Yes, final negotiation in place later this week with a couple of clubs. One ground needs a bit of improvement, the other one doesn't. KH wanted too much money to extend lease to a 10 year rolling lease and why should we pay it when we think he doesn't legally own the ground. Initially KH wanted to sell ground for £6m, JR offered him £2m, KH then came back wanting £3m but JR then said £2m offer was withdrawn.

Will Stags be playing at Field Mill for rest of season? Hopefully, but it is judge's decision.

Has ground still got Welbeck estate's covenant on it? No, removed in Abacus's time, but a third of development profit goes to Welbeck estates.

How much would legal costs be? 30K already, but if we took KH to court (now KH is taking us to court) solicitors would want £150K up front with more costs to follow. This is the reason Cambridge didn't go to court, couldn't afford it.

What chance of winning? Solicitors initially 'very bullish' but JR said they would be wouldn't they.

Can we recover court costs if successful? Yes, providing loser has the money and judge says so.

Ownership of ground when (not if) we get it back? In a supporters trust holding

Thanks to Pleasley Stags for pledging £1000 to the Free Field Mill fund.

Funding of MTFC at present? JR has retired from One Call and has to ask other directors of 'One Call' to move monies into MTFC as he only owns 97% of One Call. Normally he gets his way and they haven't refused him yet.

What is situation of Andy Perry's shares? JR not spoken to AP recently, AP still owns 25% of Yellows08, who own 80 odd% of MTFC Ltd.

Does KH still own land at Skegby? As far as we know, yes and it is part of our claim against KH.

It was suggested from someone in the audience that KH owed a substantial amount of money in Portugal with regard to a hotel property.

Any chance of a new ground off the MARR road? Perhaps a long term possibility.

Why did we stop paying rent on ground? Old owners stopped paying (last payment March 2010). AS said club would rather pay players, staff & tax man before KH as club was running out of money. JR said he didn't pay KH as he believed that KH owned the ground illegally.

What is club's priority? Ground a priority but promotion still on, hope to sign player (later confirmed as a striker) tomorrow. JR admitted he was a bit green at first but learning fast. No TV monies in Conference, need to get back into FL.

Why DR as manager? Gave DR three games to prove himself, but seemed to go on forever due to snow & ice. In end JR says to DR, score five against Worksop and job is yours, rest is history. DR has some very good qualities and his partnership with Paul Hall is very impressive. DR not yet the full deal but learning fast. DR got 'life' experience and PH key to situation. DR can attract quality players and got excellent contacts.

Are players frightened off with ground situation? No, more to do with 'conference tag', we are finding it difficult to persuade the right player to drop to conference level.

Clarification needed about ground & promotion regulations? If need be, before 1st March, JR planning to sign a deal with a 10 year lease at a yet unnamed ground but still to play at Field Mill while court case settled. Suggesting FL and conference just need 'boxes ticked'.

Rob Duffy situation? Being sorted tomorrow

Are you giving DR money in transfer window? Yes. Our playing budget is nearly £800K. AS says were are in top six payers in league. Histon reported as paying less than £200K.

Why not play young players? DR aware of their capabilities and JR happy that he is playing a settled side. Good to see Collett being given a chance and Naylor playing before his injury kept him out of last few matches. Marriott could be out for 12 months if injections don't work, might need a hip operation. Looking at a reserve team for next year but have played a couple of friendlies in last few weeks.

Is there a wage cap in Conference? No

Future of Paul Connor? We have an option on his contract, not leaving, would cost a lot of money if another club wanted him.

Media interest? Cheap tickets been advertised on Radio Mansfield today for Saturday's match with Wrexham (£10 adult, £1 concession)

Future ticket pricing structure? Looking at next season prices and talking with SAG about North Stand for home fans in near future.

Adam Murray injury? Should be ok for Saturday

Why a third kit? Old manager (DH) decision, some players didn't like playing in it. Suggested from the floor it was the non-English players.




Fans Forum with John Radford and Steve Barker
Thursday 27th January 2011 at 7.30pm

Kevin Bird Suite, West Stand, Field Mill.

Stags Fans United (the Mansfield Town Supporters Trust) will be holding a Fans Forum on Thursday 27th January 2011 at 7.30pm in the Kevin Bird Suite, West Stand, Field Mill. Stags Chairman, John Radford and Chief Executive, Steve Barker will be attending the Fans Forum to answer fans' questions about their first four months at the football club and plans for the future. The Fans Forum is free for existing SFU members and can be attended by non-members provided that they make a minimum donation of £2 to the Supporters Trust on the night. All monies raised will go to the "Free Field Mill Fund".

The Free Field Mill campaign is about helping the football club with the costs of recovering Field Mill including the costs of any legal proceedings. John Radford has made it clear that if Field Mill is recovered then he is happy for the ground to be owned by the supporters in trust. Therefore, funding the legal action should not be just down to John Radford. We as fans should support him and do all we possibly can to remove Keith Haslam from our football club for good. The club will then have a solid foundation to build on. Stags Fans United have already donated £3,000.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to our "Free Field Mill Fund" can go to our website at http://www.stagsfansunitedsociety.co.uk and click on “make a donation” . You can also send cheques made payable to "Stags Fans United Society Limited" to 4 Yew Tree Close, Gamston, Retford, Notts, DN22 0PZ. Any persons who donate £100 or more will be given life membership of the Supporters Trust.You can now also join the Supporters Trust for an annual fee of £10. However, all donations large and small will be welcome and will go to the football club. Let's help return Field Mill to the Stags and the supporters. We can do this if we all stick together and rally behind John Radford who has our full support.

Come on you Stags!!

The Board of Stags Fans United

Meanwhile, pictured are Mike Abbs, Darren Bland, Darren Shaw and Keith Underhill from the board of Stags Fans United presenting John Radford with an opening cheque for £3000 to start the "Free Field Mill" campaign, before the game against Altrincham.
CHAD, 19Jan2011:

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