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27th November 2010 11:46

Morning news (10am) Game go ahead




Weather Update - Friday 6pm
Posted on: Fri 26 Nov 2010
Friday - 6pm

The snow storm that hit us for 45 minutes late afternoon has left about 1/4 inch of the white stuff covering the area. This might actually help insulate the pitch overnight, with temperatures already down to -2c.

We have spoken to both the match referee and staff at Mansfield Town to keep them updated.

The plan for Saturday is to check again at 8.00am and consult with the referee about any developments.

Depending on that report, he will either head across pretty quickly or more likely give the weather a little time to improve and see if we have any chance by 10-10.30am.

We are obviously aware of the travelling Mansfield supporters and do not want to drag events on if there is little chance of the game going ahead.

Any volunteers who can help with clearing footpaths, turnstiles and car parks on Saturday morning, would also be welcome.


Weather Update
wrexhamafc.co.uk, Fri 26 Nov 2010, 12.30pm

OBVIOUSLY with a home game tomorrow, we are all watching weather forecasts and peering nervously up into the sky.

If Saturday's conditions replicate what has happened over the last two days, then we have a good chance of the Mansfield Town match going ahead.

But until we find out how cold the temperatures actually drop tonight, we won't know with any great certainty.

The pitch is playable as of Friday lunchtime, with the overnight frosts of Wednesday and Thursday nights, lifting during the daylight hours that followed - and we have so far escaped any snowfalls.

Local forecasts for the Wrexham area are calling for an overnight frost of -2c this evening, although Saturday's daylight temperatures are unlikely to be much above freezing.

As things stand the game goes ahead because the pitch is currently playable, but that will be reviewed by the referee on Saturday morning.


Wrexham message board thread --->



post by wrex12 on Stagsnet messageboard at 3pm Friday --->

Latest I have is the main referee will inspect the pitch early morning, around 9:30. The referee is from Cheshire, so near to us which might be bad news for you as he may decide to leave it as late as possible, we know what they are like.

Heard nothing about a local ref as such. That rumour has come from the owner of the Turf (pub next to the ground). He is pretty reliable with his information though. There will be a few people knocking around to try and get the earliest look at it, as if it's completely rock hard then I expect the main referee will be rung and told what to expect.

However, in the last 30 mins has been snowing heavily here for the first time, roads are dangerous and there is already a thick blanket forming. If it continues at this rate, it will be hard to shift tomorrow morning. As it stands guys it doesn't look good at the moment.

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