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26th July 2010 18:42

21 July 2010

Stags chairman Andy Saunders talks to BBC Radio Nottingham's David Jackson on the Drive show (4-7pm).


video interview with Andy Saunders from mansfieldtown.net

Asked by media coordinator Mark Stevenson whether Colin Hancock might come in, Andy Saunders said they would be interested to have discussions with Hancock if he wanted to invest in the football club.


Saunders faces up to life at the helm
CHAD.co.uk, 21 July 2010, By John Lomas
ANDY Saunders faced up to life as Stags' interim chairman today following yesterday's shock departure of Andy Perry.


Saunders will be in charge until the club's annual meeting next month when the role will be filled on a more permanent basis.

"Andy's resignation did come out of the blue," he said. "We had a meeting with Andy and he expressed a desire to step down as chairman to concentrate on his business activities.

"We asked him if he would still stay on the board of directors but he said, due to those business activities, he would prefer to step down completely.

"It was amicable, we have not fallen out and if Andy wants to come back to watch a match here I am sure he will be made very, very welcome."
However, he said Perry's departure would make no difference to the club finances.

"This won't change our budget one bit," he said. "We have set the manager a budget and he is happy with it.

"Now we will have to see what happens at the AGM on 18th August.. I am chairman in the interim and we will have to see if others want to stand."

As to whether another 'fourth amigo' would join them on the board, he added: "It is the same at all levels of football, if someone approaches a club with regard to investing in them it is something you have to consider. But they have to be the right person for the football club."

Tonight neighbours Nottingham Forest will send a side to Field Mill (7.30pm) including several star names for a pre-season friendly


Evening Post, 21 July 2010

AND so Mansfield Town's four amigos are back down to three.

But while Andy Perry may have relinquished his role as chairman of the Stags, last night showed life will go on at Field Mill.

There is no doubting that Perry played a key part in setting up a new, post-Keith Haslam era.

He toiled hard to revive a moribund club relegated from the Football League for the first time in over 70 years.

Yet though Mansfield and its fans owe him a debt of gratitude for his endeavours, they must now look to the future.


Off the field, the dust is now beginning to settle following Perry's decision to step down on Tuesday.

Director Andy Saunders has taken over as chairman in the interim ahead of the club's AGM in August.

"It came as a surprise, but Andy has put a lot into it in the last two years," he said.

"All three of us directors have, as well as Steve Hymas once he came on board – financially and in terms of hard work.

"Andy has helped get the club where it is now and the key thing now is to keep it going.

"It's probably not the best timing, but he has other commitments. The chairman's job can take up a lot of time and be a lot of pressure."

Speculation has suggested Perry quit because he was no longer willing to continue to pump money into the club as before.

Hymas revealed earlier this month that the directors were forced to subsidise the club to the tune of £10,000 per week last season.

Saunders said: "I don't know what Andy's personal financial situation is. Whether he felt he couldn't commit himself in that way, I don't know.

"Andy is still a shareholder at this time and what happens with that is something to be dealt with later.

"Whether I stay as chairman I don't know. If the rest of the board and shareholders wanted to take it on, then I would seriously consider it."

Saunders is not ruling out another board member to take Perry's place.

"At any level of football new investment is welcomed, although at this moment we are not looking for anything specific," he said.



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