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20th May 2010 11:42

Luke Foster leaves by mutual consent.
14 May 2010


Stags skipper leaves Field Mill
Evening Post, Friday May 14, 2010

MANSFIELD Town captain Luke Foster has today left Field Mill by mutual consent.


The 24-year-old defender made 16 starts for Mansfield since signing from Oxford United.
Manager David Holdsworth said: "It's a practical decision for both the club and Luke. We would like to wish him and his family all the very best for the future."


Mansfield Town release captain Luke Foster
BBC.co.uk, 14 May 2010
Mansfield have released captain Luke Foster by mutual consent.


The 24-year-old defender only joined the Stags from Oxford in January on an 18-month deal and made 16 appearances.

The centre-back was disciplined by the Blue Square Premier club earlier this month for a comment he made on a social networking website.

Stags boss David Holdsworth told the club website: "It's a practical decision for the club and Luke. We'd like to wish him all the very best."


Foster Leaves....
Stags captain Luke Foster has left the club by mutual consent, it follows his comments on social networking site 'Facebook'.......


He was reported to label the club 'a shambles' during a recent status update on his facebook page, and was then carpeted by the club.

He had issued a groveling apology, but just as we predicted here at Vital Mansfield, there was no way he could continue to play for the club.

Now, the two parties go their seperate ways.

Stags boss David Holdsworth told the official club website 'It's a practical decision for the club and Luke. We'd like to wish him all the very best.'


Foster leaves after just 4 months
by Milnez, 17 May, 2010


Captain Luke Foster only signed for us in January but he has left the club already after he called the club “a shambles” on his Facebook page. He left the club on Friday by mutual consent.

“This club is a absolute shambles” – Luke Foster 2 weeks ago on his Facebook page.

Foster issued an apology through MansfieldTown.net a few days after he put this comment on Facebook and said “It was not meant to be offensive and has been observed in the wrong manner.” Quite how that can be observed in the wrong manner is baffling to me. Clearly, despite apologising it wasn't enough to save himself and we've had to get rid of him. We cannot have players in our team who don't want to be here.

Nobody really knows what Foster was unhappy about though. There has been rumours going around on the messageboard that the players who got released last month found out through the Internet so maybe he was unhappy that his team mates found out that way?

“I've got to be practical and make sure when a player takes to the field that they are getting 100% support and that the fans feel they are 100% committed” – David Holdsworth on BBC Radio Notts today.

I'm quite annoyed at Holdsworth, we've wasted a fair amount of cash on this lad now. We paid 15k for him and 5k of that came from the Stags Supporters Association so for him just to be released is a bit of a joke. We could've at least stuck him on the transfer list and tried to get a bit of money for him to put back into the club. We're not exactly rolling in it.

On the playing side of things I don't think we will miss Foster all that much. To say we paid for him he wasn't any better than what we already have. Garner and Jones are easily on par with him and don't carry the attitude problem that Foster seems to have. Hopefully now Foster has gone it means we could possibly get Jones back here who we shouldn't have released in the first place.

Moving on and not much else has happened. Holdsworth told the press that he was in talks with 3 or 4 players last week so fingers crossed something good will come out of that! Holdsworth has been given the same budget as last year to work with but only 75% has been made available to start with. Another 25% will come into player later on in the season should we need another player or two. A good move by the board which will see us not spend all our money at once!

Now seeing as we all love rumours this is what I've managed to find over the last week. Nathan Arnold has apparently held talks with Holdsworth about a return to the club but he also has offers from several other BSP clubs, including big spenders Fleetwood Town. I'd like to see Arnold back here but only if we played him in a more central role. He was brilliant when Paul Holland played him upfront 2 seasons ago.

Another ex player who we have been linked with is Steve Foster. He started off his career with us but got released and is now coming to the end of the career and is rumoured to want to finish off where he started. Foster is a centre back and is highly thought of in League Two so for us to sign him would be great. However, just one problem for me. He will be 36 in December so he won't be the quickest of players and would need somebody pretty speedy next to him. We saw how Garner became a better player playing next to the experienced Adie Moses two seasons ago, so this could be the perfect move for both Garner and Foster!

Another rumour to finish off with then. This one is not a footballing one though. With Field Mill playing host to a few Xfactor finalists next month it's obviously clear that the board are trying to maximise the clubs money intake.

Now the big rumour is that they have managed to secure a deal with Westlife to host a gig in August. According to a poster on the messageboard the capacity for the event will be 20,000 which means the club will be raking the money in. I can't stand Westlife but they are plenty of folk out there who love them and I'm 100% sure we would sell out for this. If the board have managed to pull this off then it will be fantastic. They will stand to gain a lot of money from this I'm sure.



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