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13th May 2010 20:54

Ask the Chairman: Part 3
mansfieldtown.net, Sun 9 May 2010



Ask the Chairman: Part 2
mansfieldtown.net, Thu 6 May 2010


VIDEO: Ask the Chairman Part 2

Andrew Perry answers your questions in part two of the new 'Ask the Chairman' feature exclusively to mansfieldtown.net. Mark Stevenson presents.


Firstly thank you for giving up your time to offer this opportunity to ask direct questions from the fans.
Mine is short but probably not sweet.
If as it seems we don't make the play-offs do you and the board see this season as a failure and can you confirm that within the managers contract there is a a section which includes play-off achievement or options on both sides could be activated?.
I guess the under lined question is do you feel this season would not be acceptable if we don't make the play-offs taking into account the backing from the board the manager has had this season, and unrest now that seems to be coming from season ticket holders?
Oh sorry one more question... Is the club going to have a family section next season and will there be a free kids season ticket offer ?
Again thank you Mr. Chairman for this avenue of communication.
Kind regards Dave
Dave Slack
South Yorkshire

Dear Mr Perry
I have been trying to replace my Haslam Out scarf with an MTFC one. On the 3 occasions I have been into the Club Shop, and when I have gone online, I am informed that they are out of stock.
Can you please let me know when they will be available
Brian Broughton
Living in the town of the Crooked Spire (for my sins!!)

Do you have any plans to re-develop/ improve the club shop? Would you also be looking into doing some sort of deal with a local sports retailer to stock Mansfield Town replica kits, souvenirs etc?
Terry P. Moody

Would there be any chance of lowering the gates price to get in next season Because my gran is finding it hard to come to every game playing £16.00 every Saturday, Tuesday or what ever the matter?
Ashley Bradley (David Holdsworth's barmy army)

Is there any plans for the Bishop Street stand
Christopher Minett


Ask the Chairman: Part 1
mansfieldtown.net, Fri 30 Apr 2010
Chairman Andrew Perry answers your questions in part one of our interview exclusively here on mansfieldtown.net


PAUL WRIGHT, Huntingdon, Cambs: In view of being in the Conference again next season, can the club sustain another season with full time professionals at the club as it seems we may be a few years getting back into the league?

ANTHONY MAY, Sheffield: I have a question for you thinking forward to next season - could you tell me if we say in the Blue Square Premier will the team remain professional or will we need to go to semi-professional like some of the other teams are in the division?

ANDREW PERRY: "They are very good questions. We feel we can, especially with the events we are putting on which will contribute to us being a full time professional club. Also, we feel confident that our fan base will continue to come and support us. ?

KEVIN NEWTON: The club made a bold statement at the beginning of the season, stating the Centre Of Excellence will be funded for two seasons and one that was a breath of fresh air. My two point question is, 1) Does that statement still remain? 2) What is the official status of the players and the club within the Football League Excellence Programme?

ANDREW PERRY: This is a current topic being discussed behind the scenes at the moment.

I won't beat around the bush, I did stand up at the start of the season and say that there will be a Centre of Excellence for two seasons. We do lose the parachute payments now (from the Football League) and we are looking hard at the figures. We would like to keep it going. As we stand at the moment, there will be some news coming through next week on our stance on that.

Moving on to the actual contractual position of the players in our Centre - well we have no contractual rights over them. In both our youth team and our Centre, Mansfield Town Football Club will be easy pickings for any quality players for any football club. Unless we offer professional contracts, which we won't do at players of 13,14 and 15 years old, then the Derby's and Forest's can just come and sign the players.

MARK STEVENSON: That must beg the question, what is the point of us having a Centre of Excellence? We are not here to provide players for other clubs.

ANDREW PERRY: Quite right. This is a dilemma behind the scenes at the moment. There will be news next week and we are looking at the different dynamics of what can happen.

MARK STEVENSON: Why are other clubs allowed to sign our younger players? At other clubs, the club whom the player is heading to has to pay compensation. Why is it different here?

ANDREW PERRY: It doesn't apply here any more. We have had two years of parachute payments affiliated with the Football League. Through our youth department, we are no longer affiliated with the Football League.

MARK STEVENSON: Will the Centre of Excellence stay open?

ANDREW PERRY: There will be news next week.

ALAN BURT, Mansfield: As a fan who is personally happy with the commitment and effort put in by the Manager. Is the Board happy with the progress to date and are we confident that if another club comes in for him we have secured his services.

ANDREW PERRY: I think we're all disappointed that we haven't gained a play off position this season and also disappointed that we haven't gone further in the cup competitions. It goes for us all: at Board level, the manager, players and fans. There is a lot of progression being made and a lot of learning has taken place, i.e the manager has had a full year in the Conference. We have had some great meetings with him over the last two weeks.

MARK STEVENSON: Meetings… of what ilk?

ANDREW PERRY: About the size and type of squad, moving forward. There has been a lot said of the size of squad over the season and the manager has held his hand up and looked at that and maybe has thought that a tighter squad will pay greater dividends next season.

MARK STEVENSON: Will it be more difficult next season?

ANDREW PERRY: I don't think it will be anymore difficult this season than it was last season. There are 11 players playing another 11 and we have to have the heart and desire. The skill factor is a big thing but heart and desire will outweigh the skill at this level.

MARK STEVENSON: We've heard that the budget is being cut, so the manager may say it is harder for him…

ANDREW PERRY. The budget is not being cut. The amount of players being brought in will be much tighter, at the manager's request. That doesn't mean we will cut the budget. We wont be putting a full budget infront of the manager but instead will work with him to get a good squad of players together.

MARK STEVENSON: Is the budget the same as last season's?


MARK STEVENSON: So are you telling the manager he must work with a smaller squad of players?

ANDREW PERRY: No, he has told us he wants to work with a tighter group. He has learned from last season. We gave him a four year contract and we will support him because we want this club to flourish.



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