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26th January 2010 17:27

13 January 2010

Owners invest more money
Video interview with Andy Perry --->



14 January 2010
PerryMTFC twitter: Manchester Police win court case against Wigan FC over policing costs. Stags will have to pay 50k more next season for policing!!


Perry: Directors will dig deep to see Stags through lean time
Evening Post, January 14, 2010

ANDY Perry insists Mansfield Town will plot a course through January's choppy financial waters – even if it means putting his hand in his own pocket.


Like many clubs, the Stags are feeling the pinch because of a lack of home games.
They have not hosted a match since they beat Cambridge United 2-1 on December 28.
Mansfield's cause has not been helped by the postponement of first the Luton Town game, scheduled for January 9 and then the Altrincham game, scheduled for January 19.
The Stags are hoping for no more bad weather and that their match with Chester City on January 23 will go ahead.
But if they were to go through January without a home fixture, chairman Perry and his board are prepared to temporarily stump up the money to tide the club over.
"When this type of thing happens, then it does create problems with cash flow," he said.
"At our level you can't operate with a big surplus of cash. There is only one place the money can come from then – the directors.
"We are prepared to put the money in to balance the books until things ease, which is why I'm confident we will be all right through this.
"But everyone is in the same boat and it could break some clubs because it is a very difficult time."
Perry is thankful for the gesture by the Football Conference of releasing some central funding early to help out its 68 member clubs.
Mansfield Town have signed midfielder Ollie Hotchkiss until the end of the season.
The 20-year-old joined from Leeds for a second loan spell in October but the Stags yesterday completed his permanent signing after his contract at Elland Road was terminated.


Home postponements bite hard for snowy Stags
CHAD.co.uk, 13 January 2010, By John Lomas
ANOTHER postponement last weekend left Stags facing a minimum wait of almost a month between home matches.


It will be 26 days since the last home clash with Cambridge on 28th December when Chester City are due, weather-permitting, on 23rd January.

With home games the main source of income for small clubs, it can be crippling to keep losing games and chairman Andy Perry admitted: "It is very difficult at the moment.

"We are working hard to manage the cash flow but banks don't hand out overdrafts to businesses willy-nilly and it's 10 times harder if you are a football club.

"You have nothing to fall back on so it's down to the three directors to balance the books right now.

"This weather is quite exceptional and I can't remember it being as bad for years.

"When you get Premiership games off with their type of facilities like undersoil heating then what chance have we got?"

David Holdsworth had to endure a 19-day gap between games to take charge of his first game this time last year.

But Stags have faced far worse lay-offs in the cold and icy past.

The really bad winter of 1963 saw no home games between 22nd December 1962 and 9th March 1963, no away games were played in that period either.

In 1978/79 Stags didn't play a game at home between 23rd December 1978 and 3rd March 1979, and it ended up that the last six League games were all at home.

In 1983/84, Mansfield didn't play a game at home between 31st December 1983 to 11th February 1984 while the following season there were no home games between 1st January 1985 and 2nd March 1985. Another bad season was 1991/92, when Field Mill saw no football between 28th December and 8th February.

Chad are grateful to club statistician Martin Shaw for the freezing cold facts.


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