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22nd April 2009 22:29

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No day off as Stags look to end away schedule on a high
CHAD.co.uk, 16 April 2009 , By John Lomas
AFTER being denied a day off this week following a fourth successive poor away result, Stags head for their final away BSP game of the season at struggling Woking on Saturday (3pm).

Full story at CHAD.co.uk here
"I have been a kind man and usually let the lads have an extra day or two off as you do need recovery," said boss David Holdsworth.

"But they have not been allowed a day off this week and they understand why - they are honest boys.

"I have told the players to have a good look at themselves. I want them to roll their sleeves up and fight for their careers which are worth fighting for as this a great club to be at.

"Woking are down there in the mire so will be fighting for everything. I want my players to go down there and play with freedom and express themselves and give our fans something to cheer.

"I am sure the fans will all have a good day down there with some dressed up as Batman and Robin or whatever - I will have to stop our chairman getting dressed up too!

"It is frustrating. At home we have been playing like Gladiators, away more like Bless This House. We need to put it right.

"I can't keep offering them £50 at half time to get a result - I am broke!

"I want to thank the fans for turning up. Whether their comments are constructive or aggressive I know they share my belief that we can take this club forward - and we will."

Holdsworth believes part of the problem of recent displays is the fact that most players did not join the club until the 11th hour last summer and some did not have full pre-season training.

He said: "When you don't have a proper pre-season then after 35-40 games you start feeling fatigued and I think that is what is happening now with some of my players. It takes its toll on you.

"I am not trying to detract from results but I think this is a contributing factor.

"This pre-season will start almost as soon as we have finished this season for some players.

"And I will bring new players in. It will all come down to money, availablity and desire.

"I am sure a few of my players are being tapped up by other clubs right now - it happens in football - and I have been fair to everyone and said to some of them that if they get an offer then they should take it, if not stay here, come to the end of season dinner and then we will shake hands.

"This club has to be financially viable but the chairman has been different class. He wants the same as me."

He added: "Can we compete with the big boys? That has to be seen. On finance probably not. But we can roll our sleeves up, do things right off the pitch and we will be fit, organised and strong. And I will make full use of all my contacts to bring in some very, very good players.

"Everything is already set up for pre-season and I know exactly what we are doing every single day as I am an organised person.

"I want 85 per cent of my squad in place though I may keep one or two quid back for the right person.

"I want to bring in some young young players and am keen to develop a young squad that can move forward.

"I want players with tencity, paranoid and drive and who want to keep improving like Scott Garner and Louis Briscoe have shown."

Scott Gardner and Gary Silk are training again after injury and will rejoin a Stags squad that will probably only be missing striker Mark Stallard who has a strained stomach muscle.

"I feel a bit sorry for Mark as he has worked so hard, got back in the side, then got injured and been ill and we could probably have done with him last weekend to help hold the ball up," said Holdsworth.

Jason White continues in goal for the suspended Alan Marriott.


Somner - Stags' away form so frustrating
CHAD.co.uk, 16 April 2009 , By John Lomas
MIDFIELD battler Matt Somner admits the players are at a loss to explain the last four disappointing away results as they gear up to visit Woking this Saturday,

Full story at CHAD.co.uk here
"You can't put your finger on it and it's so frustrating," he said.

"At home we are doing really well, but we go away and results have been poor.

"Personally I don't feel any different. I hope I am the same at home as I am away. But it's not working for us and we have one more chance to put it right this season on Saturday."

Somner has enjoyed something of a renaissance since new boss David Holdsworth came in at the turn of the year, having been out of favour with previous manager Billy McEwan.

"It's been a crazy year but that's football for you," he said.

"It has happened a couple of times to me before when I've been at a club and the manager has changed halfway through the season. To be fair it hasn't worked out as well for me in the past as I have ended up leaving.

"But it was good for me this time as I wasn't playing and had been dropped for a couple of games when the new manager came in.

"He said everyone had a chance so I got my head down and worked hard and luckily for me he liked what I do.

"Some managers just want total football players which isn't what my game is about. Obviously you have to be able to pass. But I like to get stuck in, win the ball and then pass it to players who create things.

"I am out of contract soon but would like to stay. I like the way the new manager works and goes about his business. But with our recent results it wouldn't be a good time to start talking about contracts.

"You know you are not guaranteed a place in the side. It is an added pressure to perform each and every game which is what you need as a player.

"At some clubs players just stroll through games as they know some managers just like to keep the same team. But, like Fabio Capello, here if you are not playing well you won't play."


Full pre-season will benefit Stags – Holdsworth
Evening Post, April 17, 2009

DAVID Holdsworth insists a proper pre-season will improve Mansfield Town's performances and staying power in 2009/10.

Full story at Evening Post website here
Because of an early July take-over by the current board from Keith Haslam, the Stags squad had little time to prepare for the current campaign under Billy McEwan.
But things are set to be much more settled at Field Mill this summer – and the Mansfield boss intends to take advantage.
"This season the players had a poor pre-season and I believe that is why some of the players are now fatigued," said Holdsworth.
"When you have played 40 games and they are taking their toll, you need the motivation to keep going when the chips are down. You need to be resilient.
%3Cbody%3E%3Cdiv%20id%3D%22adDiv%22%3E%3CA%20HREF%3D%22http%3A//ads.anm.co.uk/ADCLICK/CID%3Dfffffffcfffffffcfffffffc/AAMSZ%3D452x118/POS%3D/SITE%3DTHISISNOTT/AREA%3DFOOTBALL/SUBAREA%3D/ARTICLE%3D907509/acc_random%3D1410821163/pageid%3D/RS%3D%22%20target%3D%22_new%22%3E%3CIMG%20SRC%3D%22http%3A//iad.anm.co.uk/anmdefaultad.gif%22%20ALT%3D%22%22%20border%3D0%20style%3D%22margin-bottom%3A%200px%3B%22%3E%3C/A%3E%3C/div%3E"That is something you can only instil by having a full pre-season – and this summer that will start as soon as the last games finishes.
"You have to look at tiredness and fatigue because it is the same in any walk of life.
"If you go to work having done long hours or you have been out for a few beers it affects your performance. I'm adopting a realistic approach and these things have to be considered."
Holdsworth believes he is fortunate to have a situation where most of his squad's future is up in the air, unlike at a host of other clubs.
He said: "I have spoken to other managers who have echoed my view that this is a difficult time.
"Some of them are having problems keeping their players together, where they are not giving their all because they know they are going in the summer.
"We have 20 players who are out of contract so that's not the case here. They have just not played as well recently in away games."
Mansfield have lost their last five on the road ahead of tomorrow's final away trip of the campaign to Woking.


Away slump can help Stags – Moses
Evening Post, April 17, 2009

MANSFIELD'S recent slump in away form may been giving manager David Holdsworth grey hairs, but Adie Moses believes it could benefit the club in the long run.

Full story at Evening Post website here
The Stags have lost their last five away games, at Cambridge, Grays, Histon, Wrexham and, most latterly, Northwich Victoria on Bank Holiday Monday.
It has sparked some harsh words from the Mansfield boss – and seen the side pulled in for extra training sessions.
But while he would prefer Mansfield to be finishing the season strongly, experienced campaigner Moses feels their recent struggles could be a blessing in disguise.
He thinks victories over Lewes, Eastbourne and Rushden in quick succession have proved the Stags can perform on the road.
%3Cbody%3E%3Cdiv%20id%3D%22adDiv%22%3E%3CA%20HREF%3D%22http%3A//ads.anm.co.uk/ADCLICK/CID%3Dfffffffcfffffffcfffffffc/AAMSZ%3D452x118/POS%3D/SITE%3DTHISISNOTT/AREA%3DFOOTBALL/SUBAREA%3D/ARTICLE%3D909912/acc_random%3D1410821163/pageid%3D/RS%3D%22%20target%3D%22_new%22%3E%3CIMG%20SRC%3D%22http%3A//iad.anm.co.uk/anmdefaultad.gif%22%20ALT%3D%22%22%20border%3D0%20style%3D%22margin-bottom%3A%200px%3B%22%3E%3C/A%3E%3C/div%3EBut recent setbacks will illustrate to younger players in the squad, who will still be there next season, that success is not a given and has to be earned. "I think what has happened at the end of this season can act as a wake-up call," said Moses.
"When the manager came in we went on a fantastic run at a time when you could not underestimate the seriousness of the situation.
"At that point confidence was down and we were not creating that much.
"But then we started keeping clean sheets and went on a heck of a run. If that had carried through into the summer, then everyone might have started thinking they had got it licked.
"Some of the more inexperienced players might have started thinking we just needed to turn up next season and we would carry on the same form.
"But they know now that we won't; football isn't like that.
"They now know that as soon as you take your foot off the pedal then that's when you come unstuck."
With Mansfield unbeaten in nine matches at Field Mill under Holdsworth, their struggles on their travels is all the more mystifying.
Moses puts the problems down to individual mistakes that were not being committed before.
"It's a learning curve but it's disappointing to concede goals when they could have been averted," he said.
"If my man scores then I take it personally and everyone should. You would like to think that people do learn from it, but it's happening a bit too much."
Moses insists he is not worrying about his contract situation, with his current deal expiring in the summer.
"I'm really happy and proud of the games I have played this season, and I think I'm the leading appearance maker. I would have certainly have taken it at the start of the season.
"Whether I get a contract is out of my hands. I have said before I really like it here.
"But I am not going to worry about it too much because I have been around long enough to know it will sort itself out.
"That's how it is in football. The days of long contracts are a thing of the past."
Gary Silk and Scott Gardner (hamstring) are back training and in contention for the trip to Woking.
But Mark Stallard (stomach) is still absent.


Injuries clearing for Stags
Evening Post, April 16, 2009

A THREE-WAY battle is being raged for Mansfield's right-back slot at Woking on Saturday.

Full story at Evening Post website here
Gianluca Havern has played the last four games in that position, which have brought three away defeats and a home draw with Barrow.
But with Gary Silk (groin) and Scott Gardner (hamstring) now back in contention, David Holdsworth has a pleasant selection headache.
"I kept the two returning lads out of the reserve game (against Lincoln yesterday) so they can be available at the weekend if required," said the Stags manager.
"There is healthy competition for places in that area because Elijah Reid also played well for the reserves."
%3Cbody%3E%3Cdiv%20id%3D%22adDiv%22%3E%3CA%20HREF%3D%22http%3A//ads.anm.co.uk/ADCLICK/CID%3Dfffffffcfffffffcfffffffc/AAMSZ%3D452x118/POS%3D/SITE%3DTHISISNOTT/AREA%3DFOOTBALL/SUBAREA%3D/ARTICLE%3D907017/acc_random%3D1876220262/pageid%3D/RS%3D%22%20target%3D%22_new%22%3E%3CIMG%20SRC%3D%22http%3A//iad.anm.co.uk/anmdefaultad.gif%22%20ALT%3D%22%22%20border%3D0%20style%3D%22margin-bottom%3A%200px%3B%22%3E%3C/A%3E%3C/div%3EJonathan D'Laryea has been rested for the last two games but may come back into his boss' thinking.
But Mark Stallard (stomach) is still not fit for selection.
Holdsworth added: "Jon has taken it on the chin and he has trained very well.
"I would love to have Stall with us because Monday at Northwich Victoria showed you need a target man away from home.
"He would have benefited Daryl Clare up there and it wasn't until Rob Duffy came on that the ball stopped coming straight back."
The 1-0 reserves win at Field Mill yesterday, secured by Neil MacKenzie's penalty, saw several trialists involved.
"Chris Orvington is a young boy from Leeds with excellent pace who can play down both wings," said Holdsworth.
"Alex White unfortunately got a slight hamstring injury. Paul Tocco is another young lad who did fine and is very energetic.
"They will all be given another chance against Sheffield United next week."


MacKenzie is spot on for Stags reserves
CHAD.co.uk, 15 April 2009, By Staff Reporter
NEIL MacKenzie was the match-winner for Stags reserves at home to Lincoln City on Wednesday afternoon.

Full story at CHAD.co.uk here
His 52nd minute penalty success proved to be the game's only goal as Mansfield chalked up only their third reserve victory of the season.

Referee Jez Simpson, who incensed Stags with his handling of Saturday's first team game with Barrow, actually awarded the home side two penalties today but Curtis Shaw saw the first one on 15 minutes saved by keeper Williams.

Five trialists played their par for Mansfield - striker Spencer Weir-Daley (Notts County), central defender Alex White (Blyth Spartans), Paul Tocco (Corby Town), left winger Chris Ovington (Leeds United), and right back Elijah Reid (Sheffield United) all had a taste of the action, Tocco as a substitute.


Five trialists in for reserves
CHAD.co.uk, 15 April 2009
MANSFIELD Town's reserve side will include five trialists when they take on Lincoln City at Field Mill this afternoon (2pm).

Full story at CHAD.co.uk here
Striker Spencer Weir-Daley (Notts County), central defender Alex White (Blyth Spartans), Paul Tocco (Corby Town), left winger Chris Ovington (Leeds United), and right back Elijah Reid (Sheffield United) are expected to play.

Admission is free to season ticket holders, £3 adults and £1 concessions.


Stags give trialists a chance
Evening Post, April 15, 2009

TEENAGE trialist Chris Ovington was today hoping to impress Mansfield Town boss David Holdsworth in a reserve clash with Lincoln City at Field Mill.

Full story at Evening Post website here
The 18-year-old left-sided midfielder is an academy team-mate of Ollie Hotchkiss at Leeds United and has been out on loan at Guiseley and Farsley Celtic.
He is one of three new faces to be given a chance in the Stags' second string, along with Alex White and Paul Tocco.
Central defender White, 20, has been playing his football with Conference North side Blyth Spartans.
The former Middlesbrough and Hartlepool man made his debut for them in their FA Cup clash with Premiership Blackburn Rovers in January.
%3Cbody%3E%3Cdiv%20id%3D%22adDiv%22%3E%3CA%20HREF%3D%22http%3A//ads.anm.co.uk/ADCLICK/CID%3Dfffffffcfffffffcfffffffc/AAMSZ%3D452x118/POS%3D/SITE%3DTHISISNOTT/AREA%3DFOOTBALL/SUBAREA%3D/ARTICLE%3D902074/acc_random%3D8878475486/pageid%3D/RS%3D%22%20target%3D%22_new%22%3E%3CIMG%20SRC%3D%22http%3A//iad.anm.co.uk/anmdefaultad.gif%22%20ALT%3D%22%22%20border%3D0%20style%3D%22margin-bottom%3A%200px%3B%22%3E%3C/A%3E%3C/div%3ERight-midfielder Tocco has been at BGB Premier Corby Town and before that Hitchin Town.
He has also been on trial at Weymouth, when the Terras suffered an exodus of players because of their financial troubles, and at Macclesfield Town.
Today's game with the Imps was also set to see former Notts County front man Spencer-Weir Daley figure, as well as right-back Levi Reid.
At senior level, Mansfield have struggled to score goals from midfield this season and Holdsworth says he has identified that as a priority that needs addressing.
He said: "To compete for a play-off spot and promotion we have to have a combination of players who can score goals.
"Midfielders have to get in there and be part of that with three to five goals each from your midfield four.
"I will look to shape up with the midfield players being progressive and I will be looking to bring one in – there are three or four I'm aware of.
"We need someone who can get into the box, especially away from home on the counter-attack."



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