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6th April 2009 23:25

BBC Non-League Show, 6 April 2009
Audio here.

Brian Lee, for the second week running, refused to come on the BBC Non-League Show tonight for a debate.
Apparently he is prepared to come on next week, though we don't under know under what parameters.
Caroline read out part of the following email from Martin Shaw of Stags Fans United:
It's very disappointing that for the second week running, following the report on the Conference's internal review, Brian Lee has not been able to come onto the show for a debate with the fans, despite Caroline's strenuous efforts to persuade him. By the time, Mr Lee finally comes on the show next week to face the music, most clubs will just have 3 games left of the season. It strikes me that Mr Lee is hoping that people will have lost interest the closer to the end of the season that we get.
I have spoken to a lot of people since the report was released and I have yet to find anyone who describes it as anything other than a whitewash.
In one of the letters in the exchange between the supporters trusts and Brian Lee, he told us "To use words such as 'fiasco' does not help."
Well we thought that was a polite way of describing it.
We also note that former FA compliance officer Graham Bean has this week described the report as "absolute rubbish". We would agree with that. The report answered no questions. We hope that Brian Lee will finally answer some questions next week.
We also note there have been calls for Brian Lee to resign. I would like to repeat what I said when I first came on the show back in January. We don't want anyone to lose their positions over this. We want them to put things right by improving procedures and correcting injustices that have occurred with the points deductions.
Martin Shaw, Stags Fans United

Non-League Paper, 5 April 2009


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