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7th April 2009 17:25

1 April 2009
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UPDATE: 6 April 2009: 100 season tickets sold. Read full story at mansfieldtown.net here.

7 April 2009
SSA urge fans to buy Season Ticket

The Committee of the SSA would like to congratulate the new owners of Mansfield Town FC for their fantastic new season ticket initiative "Football For Everyone" and appeal to all Stags fans, local residents, business community and the council to give the club the backing this deal deserves.

During April and May our local professional football club needs the support of EVERYONE to help them sell as many season tickets for Season 09/10 as possible. Waiting until the summer is not good enough. Mansfield Town FC is now reborn with new owners and now they need YOU to show that you care and give the club life for the future.

The new owners have designed the best value ticket deal in the clubs history with cheap tickets, instalment based flexible payment plans and an opt out clause should not enough people back it. Let us together ensure this does not happen and make sure the £195 adult season ticket becomes a reality.

Do your bit by making Field Mill the positive, vibrant fortress we all need it to be. Help us inspire the players and each other. Committing to a season ticket NOW could mean adults paying just £7.80 a game! Mansfield NEEDS a football league club and as a team together fans and club NEED to give promotion our best shot come August - help ensure the club has the best chance of doing this by committing to a new season ticket during April and May.

Do not leave all the responsibility with the owners and the fantastic hard core Stags fans - take the chance now to help make a positive difference! The longer we are in Non League the greater the risk of Stags becoming a Non League Club. Let us together make sure this does not happen. Contact MTFC NOW and commit to your season ticket for 2009/10 - ring 01623 482843 or email info@mansfieldtown.net


Stags chairman urges fans to back ticket scheme
Evening Post, Tuesday, April 07, 2009
MANSFIELD Town chairman Andy Perry today urged fans to come forward and show their backing for the club's season ticket offer sooner rather than later.

Full story at Evening Post website here

The Stags announced last week adult tickets for next season will be sold for £195, providing they can sell 3,000. Concessions will be priced at £99.
Supporters have until May 29 to register their interest at which point it will be decided if the scheme goes ahead or if prices return to those of this season.
But Perry is hoping those interested fill in their application forms now.
"I think the reaction to the cut-price idea has been excellent, I think 90 per cent of the feedback has been positive," he said.
The actual take-up has been slower, but realistically we have only just been able to start marketing it over the past few days.
"The biggest question from people has been will we take the money if we don't reach the target.
"The answer is we will get back in touch if we don't go ahead with it at cut price, so there is no obligation in having a full-price ticket if you apply.
"We just want people to get their forms filled out, whether by hand or on-line.
"I think it is too early to call exactly how successful it will be."
Perry believes the club can do no more in making it affordable to attend Mansfield matches in what is a difficult economic climate.
He said: "It works out that between April and August you will pay just 72 pence per day to show your support.
"The other thing to remember is that the money doesn't have to be paid all in one go – it can be in instalments."



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