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9th April 2009 20:02

1 April 2009
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UPDATE: 6 April 2009: 100 season tickets sold. Read full story at mansfieldtown.net here.

UPDATE: 9 April 2009: 132 adult season tickets sold. Read full story at mansfieldtown.net here.


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CHAD VIDEO: Stags slash season-ticket deals in a bid to get fans back
at CHAD.co.uk here
Under 13 year-old's to be given free tickets with paying adult
CHAD.co.uk, By Stephen Thirkill , 1 April 2009
STAGS will dramatically slash season ticket prices for next season in a bid to get the Field Mill turnstyles moving - BUT only if 3,000 adult fans sign up to the deal.
The cheap ticket-deals have been introduced following major concerns over the falling crowd numbers as Mansfield Town adjusts to life in the Blue Square Premier Division.

Crowds have dipped below the dreaded 2,000 mark this season, with just 1,841 fans watching the game against Weymouth and only 1,553 turning out for the televised clash with Oxford United.

Under the deal Stags fans will be able to watch 25 games (23 league matches and two pre-season friendlies) for the cut price deal of just £195 for all parts of the ground, which represents just £7.80 a game compared to a normal matchday price of £16.

The revolutionary ticket deal, which is based on similar schemes already successfully piloted at Huddersfield Town, Bradford City and Port Vale, will see children aged 13 and under watching games for free when they go to a match with a paying adult.

Fans will also be able to take advantage of flexible payment methods such as direct debits or structured installment plans.

Announcing the deal chairman Andy Perry issued a rallying cry to the fans and said: "This is one of the most positive initiatives in the club's history.

"We have done our bit in making games available to the whole community and now we need the fans to step up and be counted.

"This scheme is not a great money-spinner for the club.

"We have introduced this deal to rebuild this proud club and to give something back to the community.

"We now need the fans to get behind this venture and help us get back into the Football League where we all want to be.

"We have one of the brightest young managers in the game and we have made great strides since the summer.

"Having more fans in the ground makes for a much better atmosphere. They can act like our 12th man and really spur the team on."

But Perry also warned that 3,000 adult fans must pledge their support by 29th May if the impressive deal is to become economically viable and implemented by Stags.

And if the magic 3,000 figure is not reached prices will revert to the 2008/09 levels of £320 for adults, £180 concessions and £80 for under 16s.

Said Perry: "3,000 season ticket holders is the level at which the scheme becomes affordable for the club.

"This is an unknown move for us and we really want people to buy into this.

"We have looked at other clubs and a similar model as this helped treble season ticket numbers at Port Vale.

"We have to work for people's money, and at £7.80 a match for an adult and a child we are just as cheap as going to the cinema or to McDonald's. We need the fans back."

Stags' cut-price season ticket deal
Evening Post, April 01, 2009

MANSFIELD Town today launched a cut-price season ticket campaign they hope will tie big crowds to the club's fortunes next season.
Full story at Evening Post website here

Adults aged 16 and over can buy a ticket for £195, down from £320 for this season, and under-13s accompanying them will get in free.
Prices have also been slashed for concessions (13 to 15-year-olds and senior citizens) to £99 from £210.
But the ambitious scheme is reliant on 3,000 adults taking up the offer by May 29, otherwise prices will return to those from this season.
Gate admission prices will remain the same and the club say a season ticket at that rate will be paid for by November.
%3Cbody%3E%3Cdiv%20id%3D%22adDiv%22%3E%3Ca%20href%3D%22http%3A//ads.anm.co.uk/ADCLICK/CID%3Dfffffffcfffffffcfffffffc/AAMSZ%3D452x118/POS%3D/SITE%3DTHISISNOTT/AREA%3DFOOTBALL/SUBAREA%3D/ARTICLE%3D863646/acc_random%3D5093908758/pageid%3D/RS%3D10340.10281.10307.10428.10429.10464.10508.%22%20target%3D_top%3E%3Cimg%20src%3D%22http%3A//iad.anm.co.uk/anmdefaultad.gif%22%20alt%3D%22%22%20border%3D0%20%3E%3C/a%3E%3C/div%3EFans are asked to show their backing by filling in an application form available from the club.
They are also urged to encourage other people not attending games to take up the offer.
The club have assured fans they will be able to claim their money back should the reduced rate plan not go ahead.
"Mansfield Town needs the public's support," said chairman Andy Perry.
"We have done our part with this offer and now we need the fans and the people of Mansfield to stand up and be counted.
"It is simple economics. We need 3,000 people to make it work at these lower prices.
"Adult fans can watch at least 25 games, including two pre-season friendlies, for less than £8 each.
"It applies to all areas of the stadium apart from the North Stand [the visitors' section] and people can pay in increments rather than all at once.
Perry said a similar idea had worked at League Two side Port Vale where season ticket holders increased from 2,000 to 6,000.
Perry added: "We are not doing it to make more money, we are doing it for the community and to rebuild the pride in the club. This makes games accessible to everyone.
"We have one of the brightest young managers in the game and will continue to strengthen the squad over the summer.
"Everyone at the club is now geared for promotion and we are looking to bring back the glory days."

Holdsworth rallying cry to fans
CHAD.co.uk, 01 April 2009
By Stephen Thirkill

Full story at CHAD.co.uk here
STAGS boss David Holdsworth is calling on the whole of Mansfield to get behind the club after today launch of brand new cut-price season ticket deals.
As part of the news ticket deal, which is based on the successful models run at Huddersfield Town and Port Vale, adults will be able to watch Mansfield Town for just £195 next season, with kids under 13 being allowed into Field Mill for free.

Fans will also be able to pay in easy to manage direct debits or pre-arranged installment plans.

It is hoped the initiative will help bring the fans flocking back to the club following a big drop in attendances since Mansfield's relegation to the Blue Square Premier Division.

But the deal will only be implemented if 3,000 adult fans back the deal by a deadline of 29th May.

If the club do not get 3,000 adult fans season-ticket prices will resort back to this seasons level, with fans who purchase the cut-price deal able to opt of paying full price.

And Holdsworth is now urging fans and businesses to show their support and help get the club back into the Football League.

Said Holdsworth: "This is an incredible deal and I really hope the fans buy into what we are trying to achieve.

"Signing up to this season ticket deal will help Mansfield Town and myself as manager match our ambitions.

"It will give us more money to be able to attract the calibre of player we are looking at to get us out of this division.

"As a club we are making good progress on the field and we want to do the same off the field.

"You wont get a better deal than this so come and buy your tickets and help us take Mansfield Town forward."

And the club also hope that extra fans in the ground wiill get Field Mill rocking and help spur the team on to victory.

Added Holdsworth: "Having extra fans in the stands makes a massive difference to the club.

"The fans can be our 12th man. As I club I am pleased with the progress of myself and also my squad and we need the fans to work with us to achieve our goals."


Stags' fans rush to snap up cheap season-ticket deal
CHAD.co.uk, 02 April 2009
By Stephen Thirkill
LIFELONG Stags fans Christine and Ivor Buxton today took advantage of the club's cheap season-ticket deals and then urged other fans to "get behind your club."
The Selston pensioners have watched from the Field Mill terraces for more than 40 years and were quick to snap up their place for the 2009/10 promotion push for the cut-price of £99.

And moments after picking up the bargain basement ticket, Christine issued a rallying cry to the Field Mill faithful.

"I've been a lifelong fan and I get a real buzz going to the games,"said Christine.

"The club cannot do any more than they are doing. The season ticket deal is a fantastic price and it is now up to the fans to get behind the club.

Boss David Holdsworth issues a rallying cry to Stags fans

"I hope the deal will reach the three thousand target, but even if it does not we will still be keeping our season tickets at the old price.

"People said they would come back to the club when Keith Haslam left, so where are they now?

"The club are doing the fans proud. Next season could be a promotion season and the manager needs our support."

Under the revolutionary deal adults will be able to watch Mansfield Town for just £195, the equivalent of £7.80 a match, with children aged 13 and under given free tickets.

But three thousand adult fans must buy season-tickets or the deal will not be implemented and ticket prices will remain at the current prices.


Stags fan slams ticket deals for OAPs
CHAD.co.uk, 09 April 2009
STAGS fan Brian Truswell is upset that, far from seeing his season ticket reduced under the club's new proposed discounted ticket scheme, his ticket price to increase under new rules for the club's more senior supporters.


Chairman Andy Perry apologised but said he knew the club would be unable to please everyone.

Supporter Brian Truswell told Chad: "After the blaze of publicity over the Season Tickets for next year, I was very interested in taking up the offer.

"I am 61 and for the current season, I have a season ticket for the over 60s. When I looked at the application form, it indicated that senior citizens were now classed as over 65.

"What this means is that for season ticket holders aged 60-65, there is no special deal - in fact, there is an increase in price.

"Also, in the event of there not being 3,000 tickets sold, last year's prices will apply which would mean a considerable increase in price for such an age group.

" I sent an e-mail to MTFC asking for clarification of the position, so that I could consider whether to apply for a ticket and their reply has left me speechless. I quote - 'The government class concessions at 65 years and over, in which we have to follow these guidelines so concession prices will apply to people aged over 65 for men and 60 for women'.

Mr Truswell added: "I have written back to them asking why Notts County Cricket Club, Mansfield Palace Theatre, Theatre Royal, Nottingham etc have concessions for over 60s if there are 'government guidelines'?

"Also why didn't the present ownership follow the 'guidelines' last year when the concession was for over 60s?

"Season ticket holders in the age group 60-65 are the only people not to benefit from the new deal."

However, club chairman Mr Perry said: "We are trying to make it a fresh start this year and put some proper guidelines down which will serve us for the next 10 years.

"We understand we won't please everyone but this needed clarifying and it's probably only two or three per cent who will have an issue with it.
"Men at 65 and women at 60 is the OAP age that everyone knows and this makes it easy and simple for everyone.

"I am aware that it's not just the older end of the scale affected by the guidelines as we now have U13s coming in free on this offer but some U16s benefitted from the family tickets last year.

"I am sure most fans will see the bigger picture and we can only apologise if we upset some people but you definitely can't please everyone."


7 April 2009
SSA urge fans to buy Season Ticket

The Committee of the SSA would like to congratulate the new owners of Mansfield Town FC for their fantastic new season ticket initiative "Football For Everyone" and appeal to all Stags fans, local residents, business community and the council to give the club the backing this deal deserves.

During April and May our local professional football club needs the support of EVERYONE to help them sell as many season tickets for Season 09/10 as possible. Waiting until the summer is not good enough. Mansfield Town FC is now reborn with new owners and now they need YOU to show that you care and give the club life for the future.

The new owners have designed the best value ticket deal in the clubs history with cheap tickets, instalment based flexible payment plans and an opt out clause should not enough people back it. Let us together ensure this does not happen and make sure the £195 adult season ticket becomes a reality.

Do your bit by making Field Mill the positive, vibrant fortress we all need it to be. Help us inspire the players and each other. Committing to a season ticket NOW could mean adults paying just £7.80 a game! Mansfield NEEDS a football league club and as a team together fans and club NEED to give promotion our best shot come August - help ensure the club has the best chance of doing this by committing to a new season ticket during April and May.

Do not leave all the responsibility with the owners and the fantastic hard core Stags fans - take the chance now to help make a positive difference! The longer we are in Non League the greater the risk of Stags becoming a Non League Club. Let us together make sure this does not happen. Contact MTFC NOW and commit to your season ticket for 2009/10 - ring 01623 482843 or email info@mansfieldtown.net


Stags chairman urges fans to back ticket scheme
Evening Post, Tuesday, April 07, 2009
MANSFIELD Town chairman Andy Perry today urged fans to come forward and show their backing for the club's season ticket offer sooner rather than later.

Full story at Evening Post website here

The Stags announced last week adult tickets for next season will be sold for £195, providing they can sell 3,000. Concessions will be priced at £99.
Supporters have until May 29 to register their interest at which point it will be decided if the scheme goes ahead or if prices return to those of this season.
But Perry is hoping those interested fill in their application forms now.
"I think the reaction to the cut-price idea has been excellent, I think 90 per cent of the feedback has been positive," he said.
The actual take-up has been slower, but realistically we have only just been able to start marketing it over the past few days.
"The biggest question from people has been will we take the money if we don't reach the target.
"The answer is we will get back in touch if we don't go ahead with it at cut price, so there is no obligation in having a full-price ticket if you apply.
"We just want people to get their forms filled out, whether by hand or on-line.
"I think it is too early to call exactly how successful it will be."
Perry believes the club can do no more in making it affordable to attend Mansfield matches in what is a difficult economic climate.
He said: "It works out that between April and August you will pay just 72 pence per day to show your support.
"The other thing to remember is that the money doesn't have to be paid all in one go – it can be in instalments."



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