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18th March 2009 18:04

15 March 2009

Media coverage: Nottingham Evening Post.

Supporters trusts OxVox and Stags Fans United have received a reply from Brian Lee, chairman of the Football Conference.

OxVox and Stags Fans United had written to Mr Lee last week (a reminder of that letter here).

Before reading the reply from Mr Lee below, here is a reminder of what Chris Bird, from Bird Consultancy, employed by the Football Conference as a Public Relations company, told the BBC a few days ago, listen here to 50 second clip.

So Chris Bird (PR for the Conference) says: "So no misunderstandings, the internal review is on, it's going well and it will be made public to everybody."

Now read Brian Lee(chairman of the Conference)'s letter to OxVox and Stags Fans United:

So Chris Bird says: "So no misunderstandings, the internal review ...will be made public to everybody", while Brian Lee says: "the internal review is ongoing and the results will be kept in-house and remain private."

The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing!!!

As for Mr Lee's final paragraph: "But, like financial irregularities (Luton's loss), what is the answer? Do we fine Clubs who already have money problems or should they be relegated to a level where they can cope?"

What is the relevance of this? It's nothing to do with financial problems. Oxford, Mansfield, Crawley don't have major financial problems, at least not in relation to this.

This all just demonstrates once again: The Conference ... "you still don't know what you're doing!"

Martin Shaw, Stags Fans United and Trevor Lambert, OxVox

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