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18th September 2002 11:43

... that make nice reading!

"I've been going for 27 years and last night was my last match i think.
I've got better things to spend £20 rather than watch that rubbish, i dont
mind them losing but I'm not watching aimless hoofing football"

"The town were poor tonight why? Simple the long ball.
I hate it and so do most fans. Joe might as well plough the pitch up..
its in good condition but whats the point? When its in the air so much.
Long ball up to Howard knock down to Crowe... me thinks other teams have sussed it.
I thought Mansfield played some sweet 1 and 2 touch football tonight
and good luck to them...thats how I like to see the game played"

"I despair with our "tactics". Wimbledon may have been able to hoof their way out
of this division but Football has moved on since then. If you are in any doubt Joe watch
a tape of Mansfields performance to see how it's done"

"Mansfield play the game like we used to and made us look stupid"

"Mansfield did everything we didn't, pass, tackle, mark, close down etc.
That was the closest thing to a lesson in how we should approach the game
that I've seen yet"


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