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14th September 2002 20:38

Stuart Watkiss reaction:

I've defended the players on many occasions. But today I'm laying the blame with the players. I don't think it was the tactics that were wrong. The players didn't carry out the orders. There were spells where we did ok. For 15-20 minutes after their first goal we were the better side. I felt that Oldham struggled to cope with our shape. Then we've conceded a penalty - it's hard to see how the linesman 60 yards away can give it when the ref 10 yards away doesn't. But we've handed it to Oldham on a plate after that.

First 15 minutes of the second half we pushed three up front and caused them some problems.
Craig Disley had a chance to make it 3-2 and maybe you see a very different game.

The players are not showing the strength of character that I would like. I've got players here who think they are too good; who think they have the play football from the silliest of positions - from no-win defensive situations. The players are not learning from it.

I am embarrassed and humiliated but I'm certainly not going to walk away from it. The players can't look me in the eye and say they're doing all they possibly can. Some of the players have got good deals here. The players'll still be here, but you'll have to ask the chairmain if I'll still be here. I'm sure I'll be speaking to the chairman soon.

We keep saying ruthlessness in the box - the inability to do your job individually has cost us.

Radio Nottingham interview --> cut and paste the link here:
Interview from CHAD:
I'm not quitting, vows defiant Watkiss

Distraught Stags boss Stuart Watkiss vowed to plough on, despite recent results, and said his players should stand up and take the blame after a 6-1 thrashing at Oldham.

"I am not throwing in the towel," he said. "This is a massive job but we will keep on going. The Oldham result was a real kick in the teeth.

"We always knew it would be a difficult season with a full squad. We don't even have that with 10 players injured but that is no excuse for the way we are conceding goals.

"Hand on heart I think our preparation and tactics were spot on for the Oldham game.

"These players have to be man enough to accept they are not doing their jobs properly.

"It's like when we had the penalty given against us.We are not capable of overcoming disappointment and we feel sorry for ourselves. We accept far too readily that it is maybe not going to be our day.

"I am going to talk to the chairman and I am sure he won't be happy.

"If he feels someone else can do my job better then that is his decision to make. I won't change my ideals and principles.

"Looking at this sequence of results I know something has to give. But I will continue doing the job to the best of my ability and the players will be in Sunday to prepare for Tuesday's game at Luton."



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