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15th July 2008 17:37

Sunday (20th July) clean-up is off:

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Season ticket sales hit 831:
12 July 2008
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Mansfield Town FC - a community football club again as fans give Field Mill a facelift!
CHAD.co.uk, 12 July 2008

More fans needed for big clean-up at Field Mill next weekend

AROUND 100 Stags fans are turning Field Mill into a community club this weekend - volunteering to help clean up the 'rundown' stadium.

Full story at CHAD.co.uk http://www.chad.co.uk/stags/Mansfield-Town-FC--a.4283283.jp

And more supporters will be at the ground next Saturday and Sunday as part of an appeal by Mansfield Town FC's new owners to spruce up the football club.

Field Mill was labelled rundown by new manager Billy McEwan on his appointment 10 days ago - but already the signs are there that the new regime really is bringing a new era.

It would have been most unlikely just two weeks ago to see fans volunteering their time and effort in such numbers to give the stadium a facelift.

But unpopular owner Keith Haslam's decision to agree to a sale with Mansfield businessmen Andy Perry, Andy Saunders and Steve Middleton has changed the whole outlook at the club.

Within days of his decision fans were offering their help and the new owners quickly harnessed that by organising these two 'clean-up' weekends.

Around 60 fans on Saturday have been painting corridors, cleaning toilets and cleaning seats. And another 40 have booked to help out on Sunday - together with the owners who have also been joining in.

One of the new directors, Andy Saunders, told Chad: "It has been tremendous. We are highly delighted with the response from the fans to the big clean-up.

"We have all been really busy today and we would like to send out a big thank you to those supporters who are helping out."

More volunteers are still needed next weekend, but are asked to 'book' in advance so that the Stags can prepare for the number of helpers.

To offer your help, contact the club's Head of Media & Communications, Mark Stevenson, on 01623 482 482 or e-mail: markstevenson@mansfieldtown.net



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