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6th May 2008 21:50

2 May 2008
Four players from our youth team have been promoted into the senior squad ahead of the final match of the season at Dagenham & Redbridge tomorrow.
Ryan Goward, Lewis Trimmer, Jamie McGhee and Warren Burrell have all been called up by manager Paul Holland.
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Baptiste, Jelleyman and Mullins ruled out.

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Louis leave Field Mill
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STRIKER Jefferson Louis has left Field Mill after his contract expired with Mansfield Town.
The big striker's short-term contract expired on Wednesday and manager Paul Holland - still waiting to hear if he will be appointed for next season - has decided to allow Louis to leave Field Mill.

Louis, who came to Field Mill in the January transfer window, is now attracting interest from three Division II clubs.

He scored four goals in 18 Stags' appearances, after joining earlier this year when Billy Dearden was manager.

Louis said: "I am sad to be leaving . . . I have really enjoyed my time at Mansfield.

"It's a real shame it had to end like this - with Mansfield getting relegated.

"I would like to say a big thank you to the supporters who made me very welcome.

"I have proven I can play in League football again and have answered my critics."

Holland told the club's official website mansfieldtown.net: "The contract which he originally signed was agreed before I took over as manager. Jefferson now has other irons in the fire and I wish him well."

On Thursday the manager said that his plans for next season would include retaining around just 75% of the current squad - that could mean perhaps as many as 13 players leaving the Mill.


Stags fans urged to wear black at Mansfield Town's last Football League match
SUPPORTERS are being urged by protest group Stags Fans For Change (SFFC) to wear black at Saturday's last match of the season to mark Mansfield Town's relegation from the Football League - and the 'legacy of the Keith Haslam era'.
More than 1,200 Stags tickets have been sold for the Stags trip to Dagenham on Saturday.
But the SFFC's Will Lord said: "We urge all supporters going to Dagenham to get behind the team . . . but to wear black to mark the legacy of Keith Haslam's time in charge of our club."


I want Mansfield Town manager's job by weekend - Holland
CHAD VIDEO, 1 May 2008,
75 per cent of current squad could leave under his plan for next season


ANXIOUS Stags boss Paul Holland wants to know his own future before the weekend so he can begin plotting a way back into the Football League.
And he admitted up to three quarters of the current playing staff could be shown the door in a major clearout following Mansfield's relegation to the Blue Square Premier League.

He also urged the club to continue operating as a Football League club to help get straight back up

With almost every player's contract up and Holland's short-term tenure up in the air, no decisions have been made on anything by owner Keith Haslam and chief executive Stephen Booth.

"It is a ludicrous situation to expect me to talk to players and sort out their futures when I don't know my own," said Holland.

"I can't see it would be right for this football club for a new manager to come in and start off with the old manager's players or decisions.
"And we can't afford for this takeover situation to drag on over the summer.

"You'd hope they will run this as a Football League club next season, stay as professional as we can and do things right and everyone will give their all to getting us up at the first attempt.

"We can't afford two or three seasons languishing in the Blue Square. This relegation is a massive thing for the town as well as the football club.

"It is definitely harder to get back up the longer you stay there. We still have that Football League mentality at the moment."
Holland is hoping to organise a meeting with the powers that be by Friday.

"It is very important things are sorted quickly now," he said. "I spoke to people yesterday and said I wanted to know my future ideally before the weekend, Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

"I have put my claim forward. I am not going to make decisions if I am not going to be here.

"If the club can't make decisions then you can't blame players for looking elsewhere. People deserve to know what is happening with their futures.

"The past has happened and there is nothing we can do about it now. The most important thing is the future and Mansfield Town Football Club.
"Hard decisions need to be made if we are going to get this club promoted back into the Football League where it belongs.

"It won't be easy but I have been to numerous Blue Square League matches looking at players and there is no reason why we can't win that league next season.

"I want to get players in with experience of that league along with year-long loans from higher clubs. Mansfield Town can still attract players that will get us out of that league."

He added: "I have worked with our players all season and know what they are capable of. A lot of them didn't play to their abilities.

"I will make sweeping changes and I know it is going to be a long, hard summer ahead. After three or four disappointing seasons we need a clean sweep.
"We have given chances to certain players who now need to go elsewhere and give themselves a fresh start.

"Mickey Boulding is one player you would want to keep. But other teams in the League will be interested in him and it is up to us to make him an offer to stay here. The same with John Mullins and others.

"All we can do is make offers. It is down to the players if they want to accept it and stay here. If they go we need others waiting in line.

"I want quick decisions from them. They can go away on holiday and think about it but I want them to let me know their plans when they return."

Stags still have one final League game to face at Dagenahm and Redbridge on Saturday – a game that had for so long looked like it would be crucial but is now meaningless.

"It is still a professional League match and it is important the lads go out there and show their appreciation of the true Mansfield Town fans who I know will be there," said Holland.

"It is not going to be a nice feeling going down there as they celebrate staying up. But we are professional and mature enough to go and put a performance on.

"It is not a case of a lap of honour – we don't deserve one. But we owe the fans a performance.

The only doubts for Mansfield are over Alex John-Baptiste, with his calf injury, and Mickey Boulding, who missed training today with illness.


Stags indecision staggers Holland
BBC.co.uk , 1 May 2008

Mansfield Town manager Paul Holland says it is "ludicrous" that he is being asked to sort out players' contracts when he is not sure of his own future.

The Stags were relegated from the Football League in midweek when Chester secured a scoreless draw at Stockport.

Holland, who only took over as boss in March, is out of contract in the summer - as are the majority of his players.

"It's ludicrous that I'm expected to talk to players when I don't know myself," he told BBC Radio Nottingham.

"I can't see it being the right thing for the club that a new manager coming in would be starting off with an old manager's players or decisions."


Buxton prepared to quit Mansfield
BBC.CO.UK, 1 May 2008

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Mansfield Town captain Jake Buxton says he is thinking about leaving the club following relegation from League Two.

Buxton has been at Field Mill for 11 years but admits the club's off-field troubles are getting to him.

He told BBC Radio Nottingham: "For the past three seasons there've been changes in manager and no takeover and you think 'is it time to move on ?'.

"The longer the club leaves it without offering contracts, then not only am I going to leave but others will too."


Stags' bosses need to show ambition, says captain ahead of possibly last game for club
CHAD.co.uk, 01 May 2008, By John Lomas
STAGS skipper Jake Buxton prepared for what could be his last game for the relegated club at Dagenham and Redbridge this Saturday and urged Mansfield Town to decide the future of manager Paul Holland and the players quickly.

"We have a lot of pride to be won back on Saturday," he said on Thursday - 36 hours after the Stags' relegation from the Football League.

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"I have had a tough season from the fan but they have been really good to me in the past. If this turns out to be my last game for the club I want to see the fans off well and get a bit of respect.

"I do not know where I will be next season.

"You could stay for a season and see if we can get out of the Conference or move on to a similar side.

"But when you are relegated and you are down there all season there's probably not many clubs that want to take a look at you.

"I said before last weekend that I wanted to see a bit of ambition from the people above Paul Holland for the future.

"I can see a lot of players going as there are no deals on offer and no manager in place, whether it be Paul or a new manager in charge.

"There is no deadline for players to be told if they are being given a new contract or released.

"So already we will be two or three weeks behind every other club in this league.

"It will be a very tough season if things don't get sorted out very quickly.

"The longer it takes, the more likely it is that myself and a lot more will move on."

Although it hadn't helped, Buxton refused to blame the club's takover saga for the club's relegation.

He said: "You get fed up of talking about the same stuff. We have spent three seasons down there with different managers and no takeover.

"We have had so many deadlines for the sale of the club but none have been met and it has become a bit of a joke.

"I want to see this club do well with or without me. I hope they can get promoted back into the Football League.

"But I don't think you can put a lot of blame on the off-field happenings. At the start of the season we thought we had a decent squad and we beat Derby County pre-season and were looking forward to the campaign.

"We are just disappointed with our results and performances overall.

"If we had not had a decent cup run I couldn't see where the money would be coming from. Crowds have gone down and you do fear for next season. There can't be a lot of money floating around in the club to invest for next season."



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