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3rd February 2008 18:33

by Stuart Hammonds
Non-League Paper, 03Feb2008

Jefferson Louis believes his move to Mansfield Town and Jason Tindall's sacking at Weymouth this week is an act of God, writes Stuart Hammonds.
Louis left Weymouth at the start of January after Tindall was reported in the local press saying that he refused to be a substitute for the game against Salisbury.
Louis vehemently denied the accusation and Tindall has told the NLP he was misquoted.
But after sealing his move back into the pro game, Louis said: β€œIt's karma. I believe in God, and I believe that he sees justice is done. When you've done something right, he looks out for you, but when you've done something wrong .. and at the end of the day, in my eyes Jason Tindall did do something wrong. I'm in a position now where I've got another chance to prove everyone wrong again. And Jason Tindall? I'm not a person to knock him because he gave me a chance and I enjoyed my time under him at Weymouth, but look where he is now.”
Louis discovered he was not in the starting line-up for the seventh time in ten matches when Tindall named the team before the New Years Day game.
Tindall said: β€œI brought Wilfried Domoraud from Yeovil straight into the starting line-up. I could tell Jefferson wasn't happy that he was on the bench, because he'd done well and felt he deserved to start. He went out the changing room, I called him back and he ignored it, twice. I took him off the bench. Jeff showed his emotions in probably the wrong way, but as a lad, I've nothing against him. It's probably the best thing that happened to him, because he's got his move back into the League. I wish him all the best.”

Stuart Hammond column
Non-League Paper, 03Feb2008
J-Lo On A High With Stags!

Big J-Lo's club count has provided humour to this column in recent seasons, but this year, I've spoken to Jefferson Louis and people who know him on a number of occasions.
I know how determined he was to do well at Weymouth. I know he was almost in tears when his stay there was cut short.
The Terras were winning games with Louis in the side. Without him, they started to look like the sinking Southport four years ago. This week the big man went the other way - back into the league with Mansfield.
In an emotional interview, he told me: "My objective to the end of the season is to score the goals that keep Mansfield up, and that will be another chapter in my book.
"Then people will say 'Bloody hell, from villain to hero'. That's how I want to be remembered; as someone who has tried, has gone back into the League, given it 110 per cent, and succeeded."
He's a quality, powerful player in full flight. That's why so many managers have taken a chance on him. Mansfield, incidentally, are his 19th club.
I really hope he does succeed, as I told him on the phone.
And I'm about to place my order for his opus!

Non-League Paper, 03Feb2008

...the number of non-league players turning out in the Dominica v Barbados World Cup Qualifier on Wednesday.

"While Jefferson Louis had to turn down the DFA's approach having only been transferred from Maidenhead to Mansfield this week, his cousin, Havant FA Cup hero Richard Pacquette, was on the plane to beef up the forward line."


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