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15th December 2007 21:42

Click here to listen to interview from Mansfield 103.2 by Tony Delahunty with James Derry .

Derry still hoping to buy Stags after Christmas
CHAD.co.uk, 15Dec2007
STAGS chairman James Derry is hopeful he will still be involved in the purchase of Mansfield Town Football Club after Christmas.
There is stalemate right now after owner Keith Haslam rejected Derry's consortium's bid two weeks ago and Haslam has since put accountant Stephen Booth in charge of the day to day running of the club.

Some fans are still calling for a boycott of home games to force Haslam's hand.

But Derry said today: "There are two schools of thought.

"One is to let the club spiral downwards and starve him out.

"Various groups are calling for a boycott and some people think I should have resigned, which is an opinion I respect.

"The other school is to make it a priority to stay in this division. It would be a massive loss to go out and there is no god-given right to get back up - ask the people at Oxford.

"I feel it is better I just hang around and help Stephen Booth as much as I can. He is trying to stabilise things and sell the club.

"Staying here does not mean I endorse the Haslam regime. I think it is better to stay on the inside. Keith is an affable guy, just misguided.

"Keith rejected our bid and it is no longer on the table.

"But I would hope that after Christmas we could sit down and talk again and come up with something. We can't just sit there. The situation is dire.

"Nothing is ever done and dusted with Keith Haslam. He will sell to whoever comes up with the right deal.

"It's a personal opinion but I believe I will be involved in that deal. Who else is out there?

"If someone else does want to be involved in a joint venture then we will talk to them."

He added: "I would certainly not relish taking on the club if it went down to the Conference. It is difficult enough trying to buy it from Keith now as he has a value on it. Buying it from him in the Conference would be a nightmare.

"There is no way Keith can be here next season, that's for certain. He knows he has to sell and he wants out.

"It is all about potential. Keith's value on the club is based on him thinking it has tremendous potential which I agree with.
But that's the stumbling block - how do you value potential? I don't believe he will get a better offer than ours."


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