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17th August 2007 11:41

Stags Fans For Change kick of new season with Ad Van demonstration
17 Aug 2007

Stags Fans For Change (SFFC) the protest group that is campaigning to remove Keith Haslam from ownership of Mansfield Town Football Club is kicking off the home season with a new advertising campaign and demonstration.

For several hours before the first home game of the season at Field Mill a ten ft by six ft "Ad Van" will be touring around Mansfield carrying a "Haslam Out" cross of St George flag with comments about the alleged failures of Mr Haslam's management.

SFFC has conducted a series of high-profile campaigns in its aim to remove Mr Haslam, including a "MTFC for sale - Haslam Out" fly-past at last season's away game at Notts County. With the Stags playing Lincoln City this weekend it is hoped that even more people will get the message SFFC is trying to get across.

"We have heard a lot lately about numerous bids to buy MTFC and that Mr Haslam is considering which one is the best for the Club. We are in no doubt that the best bid is the one that will see the end of Keith Haslam's relationship with MTFC. We have chosen this time to remind fans of the failures of Mr Haslam because he has talked about selling the Club for years now but has made no real attempt at finding a buyer. We hope that he will accept one of the offers to buy the club in the next week. With or without Mr Haslam at Field Mill the club is going to face big challenges in the coming seasons thanks to the way the club has been mis-managed. It will take a lot to change the minds of fans who have left the club because of Mr Haslam and to get them back to supporting the Stags; but removing him has to be our prime objective and will be the first step back to recovery for MTFC," said an SFFC spokesman.

The Ad van will be taking a touring route around Mansfield that will include Quarry lane, Portland Street, Rosemary St, Chesterfield Rd, Southwell Rd, Nottingham Rd, Sheepbridge Lane, Skegby Lane and Abbot Rd.


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