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4th August 2007 17:30

Consortium to put in Stags' bid this week?
By Tim Morriss
CHAD website, 04 Aug 2007
THE local consortium headed by Stags' chairman James Derry hopes to put in a bid for Mansfield Town Football Club by the end of next week.
And today Mr Derry also revealed that the group could be joined by a 'well respected, credible local businessman'.

The man, Mansfield born and a lifelong Stags' fan, came forward after hearing of Mr Derry's appeal last week urging more local businessmen to back the consortium.

The consortium, headed by the Stags' chairman, is one of four interested parties hoping to persuade Mansfield Town FC chief executive Keith Haslam to sell the football club.

Mr Haslam returns from holiday on Sunday and, aside from the rejected Australian bid, already has one offer from a London-based group to consider for the club - with two more expected to be made very soon, including the local consortium.

Mr Derry told chad.co.uk: "I will be meeting with Keith on Monday. This is a critical week and by the end of it we will know a lot more.

"It would be nice for there to be preferred new owners by the start of the season. It is still possible, but let's just wait and see.

"I had a very useful, fruitful meeting with the local businessman on Friday. He is very keen to join us.

"He is a true Mansfield lad, born in the town and a lifelong fan. He is a very creditable businessman.

"I have had a lot of support this week from people saying they want this local bid to be successful."

As revealed by Chad last week, the partners in the consortium have asked to remain anonymous while the bid is being put together. But other businessmen are still being urged to come forward.

Mr Derry explained: "Rather than putting money in a building society, we are saying to business people, put in £50,000-£100,000 to the football club as a loan – if we are successful in taking over the club - and at the end of an agreed period the money would be returned with interest.

Mr Derry also lashed out at the Australian businessmen whose £275,000 offer for the club over three years was rejected in June.

Last week the duo, Steve Dolheguy and Gary Wall, told Chad exclusively how they believed the chairman has been morally wrong to handle their bid on behalf of the football club – and then put together his own offer a few weeks later.

The Australians, who remain interested in purchasing the club, also claimed that the local consortium's proposed offer was similar to their own.

But today Mr Derry told chad.co.uk: "The two bids are not similar at all, it is ludicrous to suggest that. This is not the same bid at all.

"In fact, we haven't actually made a bid yet anyway, we are just considering one. But our offer will not be the same as the Australians'. It is misinformation to suggest otherwise."

"Their bid was for £275,000 over three years. At the time I told them that was miles below the valuation and when they declined to increase their offer I said there was no point in them coming over to England.

"At that time their bid was dead. The consortium which I am heading has come along weeks later."


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