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3rd August 2007 21:55

Fans group wants public meeting with new Stags bidders
CHAD website, 03 Aug 2007
By Tim Morriss
A STAGS supporters' organisation has called for a public meeting with the local consortium lining up a bid for Mansfield Town FC.
Stags Fans For Change, the lobby group campaigning to remove Keith Haslam as owner of the football club, has urged the potential bidders - headed by Stags' chairman James Derry - to explain their plans to concerned supporters.

Mr Derry revealed earlier week his intention to head a group of local businessmen intending to bid to buy the Stags - one of three or four interested parties.

Stags Fans For Change (SFFC) said tonight: "Many Stags' fans have read with interest of Mr Derry's ambitions to join with local businessmen and table a bid to purchase MTFC. SFFC have stated in the press and in public that we welcome any bid to replace the current owner.

"However, many fans have serious questions they would like answering about the implications for the future of the club. Not least of these is the suggested intention to wipe out over £500,000 in debt owed to the club by Stags Ltd, the company owned by Keith Haslam.

"Concerns are also being raised about the capacity of the consortium to finance the buy-out and of the possibility of MTFC losing its home at Field Mill.

"Many fans are also questioning the origin of other bids that appear to be on the table and how they would compare to the one Mr Derry and his fellow bidders intend to put before Mr Haslam.

"With all this uncertainty in the air, we call on the current chairman of MTFC to hold a public meeting at which he will be available to respond to questions from fans in respect of the planned purchase of the club they support and to which they have been loyal customers.

"We feel sure that the chairman will agree that customers of MTFC have a right to know what is happening to their club and that he will want to take the opportunity of strengthening links and relationships with the fans of MTFC in an open forum."


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