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18th August 2002 7:34

Neil Richardson post-match reaction (cut and paste the link)

Lawrie Sanchez reaction (cut and paste the link)

Lawrie Sanchez reaction
I think we did 80% right and 20% wrong today. Unfortunately, during the 20% wrong they scored three goals and during the 80% right we only scored three goals.

I've said this before, if you don't put teams away when you're on top then you've always got the problem that they might come back and bite you and Mansfield did that today.

Their third goal was excellent. I'll have question marks about the first two goals but Corden's strike was first class, it would have beaten most people.

To be fair to us, we came back and we didn't lose it - it would have been an easy game to lose. If that had been the case, we'd have all been very disappointed with that but (Richard) Harris' long throw and (Paul McCarthy) Macca's head on the end of it prevented that situation from arising.

To concede five goals in a week in three games makes us ask questions defensively. I think Martin (Taylor) will hold his hand up and say that perhaps he was responsible for two of those goals today but we also know that you can't just come back from a long lay-off like he's had and expect to be in top form.

Craig's (Faulconbridge) got two goals in two games, Sean's (Devine) got off the mark today, which is good, and they looked a good pair in combination. Sean's worked really hard so I thought we'd save his legs and give somebody else ten minutes and as it happens Harris has come on and thrown the ball in for the goal.

I'm pleased with the forwards, they've done their job today, but defensively we've got to ask why we let three goals in. It's something that we'll have to look at, the defensive aspect.

Attacking, I thought we looked quite good, we've been crossing loads of balls in and set plays have been excellent. It's just a matter of stopping the ball going in at our end rather than scoring goals, which has been a problem in the past for us.

For an hour or so I thought we dominated the game again but then we went 1-0 down. I know Ted (Mark Rogers) was off the field at the time receiving treatment for an injury but it was so obvious what they were going to do and we didn't address the situation.

There needs to be a few more leaders on the field, there needs to be one or two more people who see things happening. Everybody could see that Mansfield were going to lay that ball square for the guy to shoot and Martin should have done better but the shot shouldn't have been allowed in the first place.

It's those things we'll have to work on at the training ground and look to cut out that 20% of our performance that was poor today.


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