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4th July 2007 14:23

CHAD letters page, 04 Jul 2007

Disappointing that club has ignored fans

ON 6th of June Chad printed a statement from the Stags Supporters Association, TEAM Mansfield, Stags Fans For Change and Ollerton Stags Supporters Club expressing their concern at the way Mansfield Town Football Club was being run by its owner, Keith Haslam.
How disappointing it must be for the vast majority of Stags fans to be completely ignored by the club which has clearly decided not to address the serious issues raised and come forward with a formal and public response.

The decision to make the statement was not taken lightly and it reflects the serious concerns that fans and paying customers of the club have in respect of its future.

The least the club could have done would have been to make a public response to the statement on a point-by-point basis. It would not have had to rely on the media either as it has its own website where everyone could have read the response.

There may have been comments made in private meetings but this information has not been made available to all Stags fans, which surely Mr Haslam and Mr Derry would agree is the best scenario for all concerned.

Following another dreadful season for Stags fans, many want to be assured that not only is the club going in the right direction but that their concerns and aspirations are being taken into consideration and acted on by the club's officials and executives.

There is a growing concern amongst the fans that the club is ignoring the fans and treating them with what borders on disdain. We sincerely hope this is not the case and that they will take the opportunity to respond to what was an unparalleled statement from their paying customers, sponsors and shareholders.

We would also request that James Derry confirms to fans that he will honour his word and charge only £5 for home fans attending the first home game of the season, as he stated at the last fans' forum at Field Mill.

We look forward to hearing from the club and to seeing their response in the near future.

GRAHAM PARKER, on behalf of Stags Fans For Change.

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