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Archived News from June 2007

12th June 2007 22:03

mansfieldtown.net, 12 June 2007

Bill Dearden is waiting to hear back from six players to sign new contracts, and is waiting to see Michael Boulding this afternoon (Tuesday).

Michael and Rory Boulding, Giles Coke, Simon Brown, Stephen Dawson and Alex John-Baptiste are the players whose contracts are still on the desk and waiting to be signed.

Mansfield chief Dearden will meet Michael Boulding later today and discuss if he'll be playing at Field Mill in the next campaign.

Said Dearden: Micky Boulding is seeing me today.He went to a big family wedding in Canada and came back and then went away to go on a holiday.

"So he's only really been in the country a few days since the end of the season.

"There were some complications however as a registered letter we sent out to Mickey is now at the Post Office as there was no one at his home to sign for it."

The gaffer has told us he has heard nothing from Alex John Baptiste just yet:

"His (Alex's) agent seems to be offering him around to every club that's going at the minute!

"Bap, nor his agent have spoken to me.We're just waiting to see what happens.

"I'm fed up of saying that I want him to stay, but it's common knowledge that I do.He's one of our best players, and as a manager you never want to lose your best players.At the end of the day, it'll be entirely up to him whether he stays at Field Mill or not"

Dearden updates mansfieldtown.net on the possible signing of Ben Futcher:

"Ben's still on holiday.He'll make a decision when he comes back.I've had him in this office twice, and up to the training ground.

"I don't expect anything to materialise with regards to fresh blood within the next week.I'm always looking for a striker, and a central defender, but that all depends on the possible signing of Ben Futcher," he added.

Evening Post, 11 June 2007

Veteran Carl Muggleton has agreed to stay at Mansfield for the 2007-2008 season.

The 38-year-old has signed on as a player, but will also be charged with the task of developing Jason White.

Boss Billy Dearden is pleased to get his goalkeeping options sorted well before the start of the new season.

"Whitey has already indicated he wants to stay and will sign when he returns from holiday and now Muggs has agreed too," he said.

"I want Muggs to coach and look after Jason and bring him on. He will also be excellent cover for us for the first team."


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