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15th August 2002 13:50

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After David Jervis appeared to be fouled, the referee gave a free kick to Wigan. This sparked a protest from the Stags players. The result off this was Scott Sellars received his marching orders after he supposedly kicked Jason Jarrett, and Watkiss was then sent off for what he said to the fourth official.
Watkiss said "I was obviously very angry with the ref's decision in the first place, but then to send off Scotty was unbelievable. I am disappointed with myself, because for what I said, I deserved to be sent off. I am now facing a fine from the F.A, but I have also fined myself for my actions. If any of the players acted in that way, they would be fined and I'm no different. The video has proved inconclusive with regard to Scott's incident, but if he is found guilty, then he will be fined too. What I am most annoyed about is that getting myself sent off, meant that I couldn't do my job. I'm not the sort of manager that can sit and look from afar, I need to be on the touchline. I've apologised to the chairman and I will also be apologising to my players."
As the game restarted, the referee moved the kick 10 yards forward. This should only be done when dissent is shown. Sellars had not shown dissent, he was red carded for violent conduct, so why move the kick forward? Watkiss says, "I don't understand it either, unless he's done it for what I said. What annoyed me the most was that the game was stopped for six minutes and the ref didn't blow the whistle to restart the game. I know that he can allow the players to take a quick free kick without blowing his whistle, but play had stopped for a long period of time and surely he should have signalled the restart by blowing his whistle."
Away from the melee, Watkiss was delighted with his players despite coming away with no points. "The 10 lads were fantastic, they dug deep and Larks has scored two good goals. On the whole we defended well, but we again showed a weakness from set pieces. We need to have that sorted for Saturday because Wycombe are very good in those situations."


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