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10th May 2007 22:05


Stagsnet photographer Dan Westwell will still be able to bring fabulous photos to the fans of Mansfield Town next season, via Stagsnet, the Chad and the Evening Post, after he escaped a ban from football grounds. Westwell was ordered to carry out 40 hours community service over the next 6 months, and pay £100 costs, at Mansfield Magistrates Court today, for making an obscene gesture at Stags chief executive Keith Haslam.

Westwell admitted committing the public order offence as he was escorted away by stewards for having a 'Haslam Out' photograph on his laptop during the Walsall game at Field Mill in January. He apologised for his actions in court, and added that 'problems had been building up' with club stewards after he had photographed them tackling fans.

Westwell told the court he had taken a photograph of signs around the town calling for Haslam to quit and was merely uploading the image to send to a newspaper when he was told to leave the ground. "The stewards said the chairman had asked for me to leave and I said I had not done anything," he said. Westwell claimed he stuck his finger up at the directors box where Haslam was sitting because he felt he had been provoked, but told officers soon after that he was sorry for his actions. "I admit I am totally guilty of doing the sign, but I have told you this because I think you need to know there is a lot more to it."

Westwell issued a big thank you to the Stags fans who had supported him during his case.


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