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13th February 2007 20:36

13 February 2007

Last chance to sign Haslam Out survey at Grimsby game

Stags Fans For Change (SFFC), an independent protest group of Mansfield Town Football Club (MTFC) supporters is calling on all Stags fans to make their feelings known to the future of Club's CEO, Keith Haslam by signing a survey this Saturday before the home game with Grimsby.

SFFC has been conducting a survey of Stags fans since the home game with Walsall on the 20th of January and will complete the survey this coming weekend. Over 1,200 fans have signed the survey saying that they want Keith Haslam completely out of MTFC as soon as possible, but SFFC wants to obtain the opinion of as many fans as possible, irrespective of their position on the question, before presenting the Club with the results of the survey.

SFFC will be seeking a meeting with the Club's new Chairman James Derry to explain its position on Mr Haslam and its support for the team.

Spokesperson for SFFC, Graham Parker said: “We have been astounded by the response to the survey, especially as Mr Haslam has claimed those that wish him gone are a tiny minority. Stags fans have been telling us in their hundreds that Mr Haslam has had more than enough time to show whether he can deliver a positive future for MTFC; clearly they think he has failed to do so in 14 years of running the Club.”

Over 1,200 people have signed the survey and close to 100 have since signed the on-line petition on the SFFC website, http://www.stagsfansforchange.co.uk

SFFC has made a point of not asking junior Stags to sign the survey, preferring instead to ask adults for their opinion. The group is using a figure of 2,600 as the core number of Stags fans currently attending Field Mill.

The group's figures show that 46% of fans want Mr Haslam to leave the Club whilst 48% of fans have yet to be surveyed. An estimated 5% have refused to sign the survey with the final 1% saying they either don't know or would like Mr Haslam to stay.

Of those surveyed 52% said they would support a one-match boycott to demonstrate their dismay at the way Mr Haslam has been running the Club.

Graham Parker continued: “We know that there are many fans who care more about the football than the running of the Club. As committed fans ourselves we care passionately about the team and always give them vocal support at home and away. We are keen to present a truly representative picture of fans' feelings. We really do want to hear all sides of the debate which is why we are urging all fans who as yet have not signed the survey, to sign it on Saturday.”

The survey will be available to sign outside Field Mill and on Quarry Lane before the match.

“SFFC has been and will continue to campaign against Mr Haslam until he leaves MTFC for good. Mr Haslam claims that he is willing to sell the Club but there is no evidence that he is actively seeking a buyer. We call on Keith Haslam to:

Publicly advertise on the open market that the Club is for sale
To say what is for sale and at what price
Actively and positively assist any potential buyer by providing all the relevant and accurate detailed information they need to make an early purchase

Ensure that the new owners have vision and will work with the supporters to ensure success on and off the field


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