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26th January 2007 15:38

Evening Post, 26 January 2007

Mansfield boss Billy Dearden today warned that a lack of regular training facilities is holding back the club's progress.

Unlike the majority of Football League clubs, the Stags have no permanent training base. Instead, they use a variety of venues from week to week.

Dearden believes that not only has an unsettling effect on the players, but makes it hard to attract new signings.

Former boss Peter Shirtliff voiced similar concerns.

"The sooner Mansfield Town get their own training facilities, the better. I don't think the club will progress until we get them," said Dearden.

"A lot of other clubs have their own and it's important we develop our own as well.

"At the moment we are coming in and we don't know where we are going to be from day-to-day until we get permission from the relevant people.

"It is also a problem if you are trying to sign a player and they ask you where the training ground is. It is difficult to know what to tell them."

New chairman James Derry insists he has taken Dearden's concerns on board.
Boss calls for training facilities
CHAD website, 25 January 2007

STAGS boss Billy Dearden has called on the club to urgently provide some training facilities.
It is a problem raised by predecessor Peter Shirtliff but which seems no nearer to being solved.
And it is particularly highlighted on a week like this when weather has been dreadful.
"The sooner Mansfield Town get their own training facilities then the quicker this club will progress," he said.
"We report here every day and then we have to phone round to see if we can go here or there.
"You need a good surface or to get indoors but you are waiting around to get permission from certain people at schools and so on.
"It does not make it easy attracting players here when they ask you to see the training facilities.
"If there is anyone out there in the area with a decent football pitch, no doubt we would be willing to talk to you about hiring it, even if it's not for every day of the week.
"I will be talking to our new chairman about the problem. This has been going on for a long time now and needs sorting."
New chairman James Derry said: "Billy has mentioned this to me already and I will be looking at it and seeing what we can do."


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