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18th September 2006 14:28

EVENING POST, 18 September 2006
An off-duty nurse in Torquay to watch Mansfield Town has been praised after she helped save a man's life.

Helen Allsop was driving when she saw a man staggering along the pavement with blood shooting from his arm.

The 25-year-old is thought to have severed a main artery after putting his arm through a phone box in an argument on Friday night.

Helen, who was with her fiance, Daniel Westwell, and a friend, pulled over.

She said: "He thought he was going to die. I took my coat off and wrapped it around his arm to tried to stop the bleeding. There was a lot of blood.

"I tried to calm him down. He was still very panicky when the ambulance arrived so I got in with him. I don't think he would have been in the right state of mind to help himself. We just did what we could."

Mr Westwell said: "The ambulance woman said that Helen had saved his life.

"Helen is my hero and I am so proud of her."


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