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19th August 2006 10:32

Audio interviews with Peter Shirtliff, Giles Coke and Matt Hamshaw from Radio Nottingham (file is 1.4 Mb). Clips here
Grimsby manager Graham Rodger quotes from Mariners World TV:

We knew they were a decent side and it proved to be.

We had a decent spell in the second half, and thankfully we scored during that spell. If we hadn't scored during that spell it would have been difficult for us.

It was a massive let-off with the last kick of the game. On another night they'd have walked off with the 3 points. They're a good side, they'll be around it.

(On the Grimsby goal:) I haven't seen it yet, it'll be interesting to look at. Sometimes you get that bit oif luck that your work deserves. The players deserved to get a goal from that spell of play that we had.

When you look at Mansfield, if they've got a weakness with Hjelde out ... that's why I put Futcher on, and we knew when we put him on we'd cause havoc.


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