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13th December 2005 21:51

MP tells fans to stop whingeing
CHAD website, 13 December 2005

MANSFIELD MP Alan Meale has told chairman Keith Haslam's detractors to give him some time and get behind their football club.
Mr Meale, a long time ally of Mr Haslam and the football club, said: "I don't think most people realise what's been achieved at Field Mill.
"The rebuilding of the stadium, the removal of the debt, the increase in the amount of people who work at the club and the wages being paid every month - people might think that's not progress, but I do.
"The loans issue is not all as simplistic as has being discussed.
"But moves are in place to sort it out and I have every confidence this will be done in the near future. There are interesting and exciting times on the horizon.
"Those detractors should just hold their breath and they might be surprised.
What they really should be doing is getting behind the squad and supporting them instead of whingeing from the sidelines and encouraging people to not support the club or even come to matches.
"That's the last thing players, staff and real supporters need."
Comment (not from the CHAD): By implication, fans who are whingeing are not real supporters. Where is Mr Meale's comment on Mr Haslam having broken the law?


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