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17th December 2004 14:19

Evening Post, 17 December 2004

John Gannon admits he feels like a "forgotten man" at Mansfield Town.

The Stags assistant boss attended a disciplinary hearing four weeks ago but says he has still not heard anything from the club.

Gannon was suspended on full pay and says he was told the reason for the suspension was because he used "foul and abusive language".

"I went to an inquiry four weeks ago, but haven't heard from the club since then," he said.

"I was told I would receive something in writing but haven't."

Gannon is not too disheartened that all the focus has been on Keith Curle's suspension in the past few weeks, and that his own suspension has been pushed to the background.

"I feel like a forgotten man, but I don't feel aggrieved about it. I'm on full pay and Keith is the main man.

"I can understand they want to resolve Keith's situation before mine, but it's all come to a standstill."

Stags chairman Keith Haslam admits Gannon's case has been put to one side while the club sorts out Curle's situation.

"John's issue has got to be dealt with separately," he said. "It's on the back burner at the moment."

Haslam added that he hopes to have some news on Curle's position soon.


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