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18th July 2004 14:19

from Football First

by Michael Norwood, Former Editor of Stags Fanzine DejaVu.

Here we go again, on the verge of another campaign in the lower reaches of footballs now re-named divisional domestic football. It doesn't seem 5 minutes since the experience of the Millennium Stadium for the play off final with Huddersfield, since then the glorious winners on that day have shown the "were a big club" mentality towards up, belittiling our support on the day (which was three times our season average), and generally showing none of the excellent respect and good nature shown by Northampton who we had beat in the semi final. But as the saying goes, every dog has it's day and no doubt it will come back to haunt them. As expected a few of the out of contract squad has left for pastures new, leaving Keith Curle with the task of rebuilding the side, this of course will add that extra bit of pressure of it now being "his team", so any judgement will now be levied at the managers door first and foremost. With pre-season starting ever earlier each season, we have a number of trialists, due to the total collapse of the transfer market in the lower divisions (if only it would collapse at the top end to!), at least it means managers can take their choice from a host of players, let's just hope we don't end up with some pick and mix type players.

- Michael Norwood Former Editor of Stags Fanzine DejaVu.


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