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30th January 2004 14:12

Preview from : jackarmy.net

Something Happening On The Weekend?

Swans travel to the league whingers on Saturday afternoon for a bit of peace, quiet and book reading as they take on promotion chasing Mansfield Town on at Field Mill. It's the game that they have been waiting five months for - I hope they find it worth it.Chances are the Swans will be taking with them an extra supply of shinpads and Richie Evans was today seen in Superdrug stocking up on supplies of bandages in preperation for the tactics of the home side who have seen two players sent off in the same game on three occasions already this season. Add to that the springboard that sits just inside the penalty area and you have the reason why Mansfield invariably get a penalty at home and invariably the decision is questioned by the referee. And they call us cheats? Hmm, interesting.
Of course for five months we have had to put up with the rants of a few of the Mansfield fans who clearly suffer from an inferiority complex from being a small suburb of Chesterfield. Everyone and their dog has been blamed for their defeat at the Vetch back in August - everyone that is bar the two players that they had sent off on the day. It was our fault as we dived and cheated. Just what Leon Britton was doing when he was being ASSAULTED after he lay on the floor after yet another Mansfield foul. Just as Izzy dived when he had his fingers bitten by a Mansfield player. And of course they have the moaning by their idiotic fans about the tickets. The ticket allocation that is that was agreed by THEIR football club and THEIR police force. And of course the ticket allocation that they COULDN'T fill as apparently the tickets only went on sale two days before. Even though THEIR own official site says they were ready four days before. And apparently you can't buy tickets at that short notice in Mansfield. Backward town, backward people you see. Even we could manage it and look at the problems that we think we have with tickets!
Buddhist Monks will be present outside the away entrance to Field Mill on Saturday to ensure that Swans fans travelling all take a vow of silence as they enter the ground so that the nice Mr Curle doesn't get disturbed from his meditation during the game. Any Swans fan found breathing above the normal level will be ejected from the ground and all mobile phones will have to be switched off prior to kick off. The bitter Mansfield Safety Officer will be watching carefully so you have been warned.
On the pitch of course, Swansea players can expect to spend long periods of time being treated by Richie Evans and the referee will be under close scrutiny from Mr Curle who will ensure that no free kicks are given against his team.
Lets not forget that Mansfield are a good team and anything that the Swans can get there will be a good positive result for us. It's just a shame that a decent football team is supported by a bunch of air heads who understand nothing about the truth and the facts of the matter. Win, lose or draw on the weekend they will be back on this site spouting their rubbish about promotion, justice, tickets, miners, cheating and most other things that they understand nothing about. Of course you can understand their excitement after all a dull history tends to lend itself to people who get excited about the smallest possible thing. It's an insignificant football club. I can hear the cogs whirring as Mansfield fans 'brains' click into action there and get ready with the comments of "mid table side" and "we're higher than you" to come back at us with but deep down they know that their club has never, and never will, do anything that resembles relevance in football. Win, lose or draw let them enjoy this - as promotion from the third division is as good as it ever is likely to get for them.
These are fans that have let the last five months worry them whilst the rest of the world get on with it. Even their local press have picked up on it - the journalist there must be just glad of something half interesting to write about. His last big scoop was a dog that left his mark on a neighbours garden and caused public outrage - you should have seen the message boards after that incident!
For the record, I think we will lose on Saturday - our form isn't good enough for me to see otherwise but the difference will be we won't be bleating about it (Mansfield Fans - there's your line to talk about sheep) come the end of June.
To all Swans fans making the trip to Mansfield on the weekend - have a great day out, enjoy it, represent your club with pride and most of all be quiet!
Thanks to the two Phils for letting me bring you a preview of this weekend's fixture - I'm sure you''ll have the genuine jackarmy.net match report tomorrow but until then SSSSSHHHHHH!
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