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20th January 2004 14:19

Keith Curle has told mansfieldtown.net that Saturday's game against Southend, when 5 players will be suspended, “is the perfect opportunity for some of the other players to impress and win a regular place in the starting 16."
“There will be some surprises on the day but I will have a competent 16 there is no fear of that.” he added.
When asked about the possibility of bringing in some new faces to the Mill he said:
“I have been on the phone a lot lately contacting lots of clubs to see about bringing in some new players, although there is no immediate rush. It isn't always straight forward as well there are the players wages to consider and if he is coming form higher division he may not feel comfortable playing football in the third division when he can be earning big money by not playing but been associated with a big name club. But we will keep searching, it's good to keep on top of the situation for those instances when you need the help but as I said there is no rush at the moment.”


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