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Archived News from January 2004

18th January 2004 16:04

The SSA met with the Chairman and officials of MTFC last Thursday. Amongs issues discussed was the reasons behind the concession price increase for the Burnley FA Cup tie, the latest on the supporters bar, difficulties experienced getting into Field Mill, family ticket prices and the insufficient merchandise available at Field Mill. The full minutes of this meeting are available at http://www.team-mansfield.co.uk.

SSA also attended the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) meeting on 14th January. The main emphasis of these meetings is on safety issues at Field Mill. Issues discussed included:

Structural deterioration of the Bishop Street Stand: Remedial measures are required, some work must be done immediately. Rob Sprigg stated that the work has already started and the most important work will be completed before the next home game. John Rutherford is aware of the priorities.
Scaffold tower: Rob Sprigg reported that this was checked and cleared up today.
Floodlight pylons: Not inspected, Rob Sprigg has spoken to the electrician and he will contact Eve Construction as regards an inspection.
Passenger lifts: Still not working – see above
Water Tank: Two doors are required where the new water tank has been installed in ground floor of the West Stand. Rob Sprigg reported that the doors have been purchased and now need to be fitted.
Bishop Street gents toilet: This has now been repaired and the carpet stored there removed.
S-W corner disabled toilet: The void in front of the door has been repaired.
Standing water North Stand Row G between seats 6 and 14: This is a worry because a sudden drop in temperature could turn this to ice. A repair was made by Ellenby but this has not worked, Rob Sprigg will look into it.
Drainage grating in front of the West Stand is loose and has collapsed in places. This will be looked in to.
The disused disabled toilet in N-E corner of the ground: The loose rendering etc could be used as missiles. Trevor Mitchell reported that this part of the ground is not used and should not be accessed by spectators. Rob Sprigg said that the loose rendering etc will be removed. It was suggested as this toiled was not used it could be demolished, however this would be up to the Chairman to pay for.
West Stand upper tier seat no N7: This has pigeon droppings on it. The stand should have been painted with pigeon-proof paint, it appears that this does not work and the problem will be looked into.
Signs: The headroom in the gent's toilets in the West Stand is substandard in places. A signs are needed along with foam protection along the edges of steel sloping members. John Rutherford has been made aware of this.
Check on first aid equipment: Nothing has been said of this. George Brown (St Johns Ambulance) has not got back to Geoff Alvis (East Midlands Ambulance Service). The club now has no key to this room. Geoff Alvis will check up.
Crowd behaviour: 10 people were ejected, a comment was made that this was high, 8 of the 10 were Stags fans ejected from the away end.


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