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5th January 2004 21:24

Stags boss Keith Curle has told mansfieldtown.net: “Obviously the sendings off, of Jamie Clarke and Luke Dimech, was a body blow especially as watching the video back after the game I felt that Jamie should not have been sent off. After the match I asked the referee why he had sent Jamie off, I have learnt my lesson about trying to talk to them during the game, so I asked him to come and view the video and explain his decisions. Watching the video, which clearly shows Jamie did not commit a heinous crime, but made an innocent 50/50 challenge for the ball, the Referee told me that he felt Jamie had shown a total disregard for an opponent's safety. My feeling is that if a goalkeeper comes fourteen yards off his line in an aerial challenge he should expect to come into some contact with a player. Explaining this to the ref seemed to make no difference as he told me that, 'that was the report he was filing' and that he wouldn't change his mind. Therefore we will not be appealing this miscarriage of justice."

"I can accept that Luke did commit a professional foul and he had to 'go' but the damage had already been done!” He added.

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