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31st August 2003 11:07

Curle slams officials
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STAGS boss Keith Curle was furious with referee Lee Probert and his assistants after his side were given two red and six yellow cards in a 4-1 defeat at Swansea yesterday.
"I have to be careful what I say about officials but I believe the professional stage yesterday was too big for them," said Curle.
"In that kind of atmosphere, I think my players were let down by officials who were not up to the job."
Iyseden Christie and Lee Williamson were dismissed and Curle will study a video of the game before deciding if the club will appeal.
"Iyseden told me their lad put his hand in Iyseden's mouth so Iyseden bit his finger. Their lad then slapped him, but Iyseden was sent off. He tells me there was no retaliation whatsoever.
"As for Lee, the ball was there to be won. The whistle had not gone and the game was still in progress so he just went for the ball.
"I am very disappointed as I honestly believe if we had 11 men on the park we would have given them a game.
"How you can have a big brawl like that and send off one of our players and book another while Swansea got nothing was astonishing.
"I won't accuse any of my players of ill discipline until I have seen the video. But, having been a professional, I know what it is like to be out there when things are not going for you."
Audio interview with Keith Curle from Radio Nottingham (RealPlayer needed)



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