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21st April 2003 21:40

Audio interview with John Gannon from Radio Nottingham (RealPlayer needed)

Steve McMahon Post Mansfield

Following Easter Monday's game with Mansfield we caught up with manager Steve McMahon and asked him for his thoughts on the game,
“We were poor defensively, They scored three goals we should not of allowed them to get and if you score three goals at home you expect to win the game comfortably. We didn't, they are fighting for their lives, we saw that second half when they came out and had a go, we always knew it was going to be like that. Overall I am pleased with a lot of aspects, there is a lot of positives out there but I am disappointed that we didn't win the game.”

On Matthew Blinkhorn's debut Macca said,
“He deserves his goals, he's on hand and on the spot all the time he has been doing that in reserves, it was important to get the timing right when to play the youngsters and Blinks has done well today, he has lead the line well, he has worked hard and has scored a couple of goals.”

On the poor defensive showing Steve added,
“I am looking to next season and two of those centre halves will be here next season, Chris Clarke and Flynny they were very poor today along with Coidy they were putting in half hearted challenges, we need to stop crosses better and defend better, we were ball watching at times today and it is frustrating to watch.”

On the positives to take from the game Steve said,
“We scored three goals which is quite positive for us of late, we didn't get beat and that's another positive, and the two youngsters made their debuts and Jamie Burns started, I was pleased with their performances. It's all I can take at the minute is the positives.”

On the youngsters performance Steve reflected,
“They showed a lot of purpose and a lot of commitment and energy which is what I was looking for, we have lacked it recently, it was certainly lacking at Peterborough on Saturday and I wasn't going to tolerate that type of performance. I would rather get beat with the kids trying than get beat with the experienced ones who weren't trying and if they don't care as much as I do then they won't play, it is as simple as that.”

On all three youngsters being included Steve said,
“I thought who cares, let's give them a shout, let's give them a chance, we had enough people in and around them, Richie Wellens made a difference at times he helped Stephen in there, Robbo helped Blinks and on the other side we had Coidy and the back four helping Jamie so the timing was ok today. I was pleased with them.”

McMahon junior left the action with a blow to the face, McMahon senior said,
“It was an elbow the referee has missed it, it is a clear elbowing incident and if it was Sky in the Premier League then they might do something about it, but we won't especially with our cameraman! But he has caught him and it is a nasty challenge, it was a bit like a cartoon, like Tom and Jerry when they bang someone on the head and it comes up straight away like a balloon. He will live which is the main thing.”

Asked whether Matthew Blinkhorn had done enough to retain his starting slot Steve said,
“I don't know we will wait and see, every game is different, my thoughts change with every game so we will see. We have a mega game with Cheltenham on Saturday as they are still fighting for their lives and we have a lot to play for as well.”

Finally we asked Macca about Richie Wellens' fitness and contribution,
“He is not 100% fit but he knows he has to go through that pain barrier, we have all done it and we all have to go through it, I though he has done well today. He could have had a bit more composure at times but we could have had a bit more composure throughout the team at times but in general he has done well, he has settled a few things down he always looks for the killer pass which is good, I like him to look for the killer ball but at times he could have slowed the game down, but I am pleased he has started for us.”


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