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16th April 2003 19:58

Barnsley and Mansfield aren't that many miles apart, yet they have faced each other only fifteen times in league history as the Tykes have spent most of their league life at the second level, even one season in the Premier as late as 1997-98. But the Tykes and the Stags crossed their league swords as far back as in the Stags' 2nd league season in 1932-33 as Barnsley were relegated from the old 2nd division in the very first league season of the Stags. Then they played in the old division 3 (N) and the first two Stags visits to Oakwell resulted in their up to this date heaviest defeats there, a 2-6 in 1932-33 and a 1-6 the following season when the Tykes were div 3 (N) champs scoring a club record 118 league goals as well as a 1-5 hiding at home on March 30, 1934 and none of the previous six Stags home wins have been with a margin of more than two goals – and the tie producing most Field Mill nettings was a 4-3 win on October 26, 1964. The Stags had to wait another 20 years to the first win against Barnsley and that was a 2-0 at the end of the 1954-55 season. And an interesting fact is that, after World War II, Barnsley has NEVER managed more than two league goals against the Stags in home games, yet scored four at Field Mill on two occasions, the last being a Tykes 4-1 victory at the Mill on April 14, 1980 in front of 6789, Stags scorer Bird, Tykes scorers Cooper, Parker, Evans and Riley – and that result virtually put the Stags on the brink of relegation. The up to date last league game at Oakwell was played on September 8, 1979 when a Riley goal sealed the points for the Tykes in front of 10588. The teams also met on the final day of the 1964-65 season. The Tykes were already relegated to the old fourth, the Stags needed a win to have a chance on promotion to the second division. They did it, the first of now three Stags wins at Oakwell, 3-2 but the result at Bristol City meant that the Stags missed out on promotion to the second division for the first time (nine seasons later they'd made it up). In the sixties and seventies the teams played each other very frequently as they were relegated together to the old fourth in 1971-72 and on October 15, 1974, the Stags recorded their second Oakwell win to a tune of 3-1. The clubs were also drawn against each other in the 3rd round of the FA Cup in 1969-70 when the Stags won a 3-2 thriller at Field Mill on January 3, 1970 – the only time the teams have faced each other in the FA cup. They also played in the 2nd round of the league Cup in 1980-81 when Barnsley won over two legs after extra time (0-0 in Stagsland, att. 6294, August 26, 1980 and 2-4 in Tyke Country aet on September 2, 1980 in front of 10566). In both legs, ex-Stag Martin New played in goal for the Tykes while Rod Arnold was the Stag keeper. Another interesting fact is that one-third of all league games between the clubs have been drawn but the clubs have yet to play a goalless game at Oakwell. Just before Christmas, an Andy White strike just inside the second half gave the Stags all points despite Iyseden Christie missing a penalty on the stroke of half-time.

Played for both sides: Keith Curle (the current season!!!), John Saunders, Martin New (goalkeeper who came to the Tykes from the Stags in 1980, played 21 Stags games in the Rod Arnold era), John Lathan (for Barnsley on loan in between his two Stags spells), Karl Rose (ONE game on loan from Barnsley in 1998-99), Brian McCord, Glynn Hurst. Andy Evans played six games for the Stags on loan from the Tykes in 1999-2000 but had at the end of the 2000-2001 season yet to pull on a Barnsley shirt in a league fixture

Managed both sides: Steve Parkin.

Home games: P 15, W 6, D 4, L 5, GF 22, GA 25.
Away games: P 16, W 3, D 6, L 7, GF 18, GA 29

Season Home Date Away Date

1932-33 0-1 1933-04-14 2-6 1932-10-15 Div 3 (N)
1933-34 1-5 1934-03-30 1-6 1934-04-02 Div 3 (N)
1953-54 2-0 1954-04-17 1-2 1953-11-28 Div 3 (N)
1954-55 1-1 1955-02-19 0-1 1954-10-02 Div 3 (N)
1959-60 1-4 1959-09-12 2-2 1960-01-23 Div 3 (old)
1963-64 2-1 1964-03-09 1-1 1964-04-18 Div 3 (old)
1964-65 4-3 1964-10-26 3-2 1965-04-24 Div 3 (old)
1968-69 0-0 1969-04-14 0-2 1969-04-08 Div 3 (old)
1969-70 2-0 1970-03-09 1-1 1970-03-28 Div 3 (old)
1970-71 1-2 1970-12-26 0-1 1971-04-10 Div 3 (old)
1971-72 0-0 1971-10-18 1-1 1972-01-29 Div 3 (old)
1972-73 3-1 1972-09-23 1-1 1972-12-26 Div 4 (old)
1973-74 2-2 1973-12-29 1-1 1973-09-08 Div 4 (old)
1974-75 2-1 1974-10-21 3-1 1974-10-15 Div 4 (old)
1979-80 1-4 1980-04-14 0-1 1979-09-08 Div 3 (old)
2002-03 (at Oakwell) 1-0 2002-12-21 Div 2
Before the Stags had faced Blackpool in a league game – the first twenty-five seasons ago in the old second division – the teams had faced each other in the FA Cup on three occasions, all at Blackpool. After losing in 1951 and 1960, the Mighty Stags kayoed Blackpool on January 24, 1970 2-0 in a game now featured in the vintage Stags section. The first-ever league game between the two sides was played at Field Mill on December 10, 1977, where Blackpool ran out 3-1 winners in front of 6975 spectators (Stags goal Sharkey pen, Blackpool goals Hatton, Walsh, Ainscow). At that stage, Blackpool were in the promotion race and at that time could no-one imagine that they were going to be relegated together with the Stags a few months later. In fact, the first-ever Stags league win at Blackpool at the end of the 1977-78 season, a 2-1 at Bloomfield Road on April 22, 1978 (Stags goals Miller, Syrett pen, Blackpool goal Hatton, attendance 5376), eventually led Blackpool on the relegation trail. After that season, the teams faced each other many times in the old third and fourth divisions with fairly frequent draws, especially at Field Mill, where nine games have been drawn. And only once – before Keith Curle's first league game in charge - had the Stags beaten Blackpool at Field Mill, and this happened on the opening day of the 1982-83 season. Not only have the teams been relegated together, they have also been promoted together, and this occurred in the 1991-92 season, decided on the final day. The Stags beat Rochdale and Blackpool lost at Lincoln. These results helped the Stags gain auto promo, while Blackpool had to beat Scunthorpe on penalties in the play-off finals to clinch promotion. Earlier this season, the Stags stuffed Blackpool 4-0 at Field Mill thanks to an early Iyseden Christie strike, one from Liam Lawrence minutes after the Tangerines getting a player sent-off – and two late Colin Larkin nettings minutes after coming on for Andy White. That game was also Adam Eaton's home debut. And none of the previous fourteen league games at Blackpool have been goalless – and none of them won by either side to a margin of more than two goals.

Played for both sides: Neil Mackenzie, Arthur Mann (played for Blackpool on loan), Bill McEwan (Blackpool was his first UK league club, played four games prior to joining Brighton and Chesterfield, before joining the Stags during the 1976-77 season), Phil Stant (for Blackpool on loan), Ian Stringfellow (for Blackpool on loan), Chris Greenacre (for Blackpool on loan).

Home stats: P 15, W 2, D 9, L 4, GF 17, GA 19
Away stats: P 14, W 3, D 4, L 7, GF 15, GA 23

Season Home Date Away Date

1977-78 1-3 1977-12-10 2-1 1978-04-22 Div 2 (old)
1978-79 1-1 1979-03-03 0-2 1978-10-21 Div 3 (old)
1979-80 1-1 1979-12-01 1-1 1980-04-19 Div 3 (old)
1981-82 2-2 1981-10-03 3-2 1982-02-13 Div 4 (old)
1982-83 2-1 1982-08-28 1-2 1983-01-15 Div 4 (old)
1983-84 1-1 1984-03-31 0-2 1983-09-27 Div 4 (old)
1984-85 1-1 1985-04-27 0-1 1984-12-01 Div 4 (old)
1986-87 1-1 1986-12-06 2-1 1987-03-07 Div 3 (old)
1987-88 0-0 1987-10-31 0-2 1988-03-19 Div 3 (old)
1988-89 0-1 1989-01-28 1-1 1988-09-17 Div 3 (old)
1989-90 0-3 1989-09-23 1-3 1990-02-03 Div 3 (old)
1991-92 1-1 1991-09-07 1-2 1992-04-04 Div 4 (old)
1992-93 2-2 1993-02-13 1-1 1992-09-05 Div 2
2000-01 0-1 2000-10-17 2-2 2001-03-17 Div 3
2002-03 4-0 2002-12-14 (at Field Mill) Div 2

FA Cup

1950-51 0-2 1951-02-10 (at Blackpool, 5th Round)
1959-60 0-3 1960-01-09 (at Blackpool, 3rd Round)
1969-70 2-0 1970-01-24 (at Blackpool, 4th Round)

Svante Bernhard aka Sweden Stag (pictured below, centre)


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